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- I just want people to prove their love for me.
We asked 3 couples and their BFFs to play a game to see who really knew each other the best.
Does your BFF know you better than your significant other?
How long have you known your significant other?
We met in December.
We've been dating five months.
- It's been about a year.
- We've been dating for two and a half years.
- We met working at BuzzFeed
- My friend TA'd her class and I was like,
"Yo, who's the blonde?"
- We joined a gay bowling league,
- [Woman] Which I am also there.
How long have you known your BFF?
- We've known each other two years?
- Two years.
- But it feels like a life time.
- We've known each for about a year.
- Almost four years.
- I thought we'd went to camp together but we hadn't.
- I thought we were dating but we weren't.
- We met through work.
- I was the only one in the whole entire play that knew he was actually gay.
Like, he wasn't out yet.
What is their favorite breed of dog?
- Cockapoo, cause that's what my dog is.
- I put Hannah dog.
- A Hannah dog...
- That's what that is.
- And I said my dog Hannah. - [Morgan] Hannah!
- I didn't even know you had a dog.
- Wrong.
- What?
- A Scotty? A miniature schnauzer.
- Ew.
- But you gave away the miniature schnauzer that you had.
- Wheaton terrior
- [Dan] I said non-shedding terrier, English?
Who do they talk to on the phone the most?
- My mom!
- Parents.
- Parents.
- Oh yeah!
What, wait?
- Fancy is my mom.
- Oh!
- I got it!
- I put me.
That's so awkward.
What celebrity would they hook up with?
- Bette Midler?
- That's what I was gonna put.
- Oh I would do him.
- Who the hell is Matt Bomer?
- J-Law.
- Ok, I respect that.
- Dude, I was...
- Ok, I'm not even kidding, ScarJo was up there.
- Miles Teller!
- Toby MacGuire.
- What?
What is their greatest strength?
- I said making people laugh.
- Aw, I put joy.
- I wrote funny.
- Listening.
- I put jokes.
- I put legs.
- I said I see the good in everything and everyone.
- I said you care abut everyone else.
- He has a big heart.
- I thought you were gonna write, "He has a big dick."
What is their weirdest ritual
- Cream.
- Cream! I slap cream on.
Instead of just like applying moisturize like this,
- Yep, yep.
- She fills it in her hands, handfuls,
and goes like this. - [Gaby] Yep!
- I like always do my hair or I wear a hat.
- [Morgan] Boom and boom.
Hair, hair and hair. - I should've got hair!
- Always fixing your hair.
- Ok, also that's very true.
I get on Justin all the time cause he walks in late every day.
- I cross my fingers cause
when somebody's talking I don't want
to interrupt them. - Yeah, so you go like this.
- [Man] So I cross my fingers
- [Woman] So you remember what you're saying.
That's your ritual.
- [Bryan] It is.
What is their biggest pet peeve?
- Being late!
- What'd you write?
- [Dan] Lying or not going to bed by 10pm.
- Oh I wrote shoes in the house or on stuff.
- I said people who are fake.
I just hate when we're like...
- Oh, loud people. - Loud people.
- And then people chewing with their mouth open.
- Yeah those are both true. - [Morgan] He hates that.
- Somebody who's over confidence
- Oh cocky!
- Yeah. - Got it!
- Cocky people? - I can't stand that.
I actually can't stand... - Cocky people are mean?
- I didn't know that.
- Are you kidding me?
Half of our fights are because you're late.
- I'm the most confident person I know.
- I know and I see through it.
The Results
- I'm glad that the game was so close.
- [Gaby] Yeah.
- Between Gaby and I.
That way I don't feel like a terrible boyfriend
and Gaby doesn't have to feel like a bad friend.
- Yeah.
- We just both kind of average.
acquaintances of Allison's.
- I'm taking back our BFF necklaces.
- I feel so much love right now.
I got my crew right here.
Aw, here's your thumbnail.
- Aw.
- This is bullshit. - You can't be embarrassed.
- I still don't think this is right.
I still know you better, what's his favorite ice cream?
Wrong, it's frozen yogurt.



友情萬歲!你的好友是否比另一半更了解你? (Does Your BFF Know You Better Than Your Significant Other?)

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