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  • Today we're going to show you 10 summer life hacks. One. So nobody likes mosquito bites

  • right? It gets itchy, it gets red and swelled up, it's annoying. So what you could do is

  • take a bottle of vinegar and a cotton ball. Put some vinegar on top of the cotton ball

  • and then dab it around the area where you were bit. What you'll notice is the itching

  • goes away and the swelling goes down as well. Two. So this one's for swimmers. You know

  • when you're going swimming and water gets in your ears? Well next time, bring along

  • a balloon. After you swim, blow into it three to four times. It helps force the water out

  • of your ears. Three. In the summertime, I prefer to park in the shade. But the problem

  • is those spots are usually gone. If I park my car in the sun and I come back, that steering

  • wheel is usually burning hot. What you could do for next time is before you leave, turn

  • that wheel 180 degrees. That way, the bottom is the part that's getting hot. When you comeback,

  • just turn it back to it's regular position and your 10 and 2 should be alright. Four.

  • Summer time means a lot of birthday parties, a lot of graduation parties, and a lot of

  • house warming parties. There's a good chance you're using a lot of gift wrapping paper

  • right? When you're done with the gift wrapping paper, you could use a piece of tape to keep

  • it place, but you could also use a toilet paper roll. All you have to do is cut a line

  • across it. This makes it into a cuff ling. So when you're done with your gift wrapping

  • paper, just put the cuff ling around it and it stays in place. What makes this even better

  • is you can keep using it over and over. Five. If you're traveling somewhere and staying

  • in a hotel, you might not want to put your toothbrush on the counter because of germs.

  • So instead bring a clothespin with you next time. Just put the toothbrush on the clothespin

  • and you leave it in the bathroom. The bristles aren't touching the counter top, so you could

  • avoid germs. Six. When you're packing razors, try putting a binder clip on top of the razor.

  • It prevents the blades from getting dulled out and prevents the off chance that you might

  • nick yourself when you're reaching for it. It's super easy to put on and super easy to

  • take off. Seven. Okay. this is something that drives me crazy. Travel plans are all set,

  • you're almost at your destination, and then you think to yourself. Did I lock the door?

  • If this happens to you too, right after you lock your door do a weird knock ritual. This

  • helps your mind remember that you actually locked the door. Eight. If you're at a hotel

  • and need a usb charger, try checking the back of the hotel's tv. If it's a newer model,

  • there's a good chance there's an open usb port. Just put your charger in it and you

  • could use it to charge something like an ipod. nine. If you're out of town and using a taxi,

  • sometimes they ask you if you live in the area. Now I'm definitely not saying this is

  • always the case, but sometimes if you say you don't live around there, they'll go the

  • long route, so they can add miles and increase your bill. So when they ask you this, just

  • say yeah I live in the area. Like I said, it's not always where they're trying to run

  • up your bill, but it does happen. Ten. If it's night time and you need a light, you'll

  • use a cellphone right? You could definitely do this, but try putting a water bottle on

  • top of your cellphone. It distributes the light better, so it looks kind of like a lantern.

  • And there you have it guys, 10 life hacks for summer. If you found this video helpful,

  • please click the like button below. It really does help us out. Also be sure to subscribe

  • for more videos. A special thanks to 1000 Life Hacks, diy your life, and yumerverse

  • for help with these ideas. Thanks again for watching guys!

Today we're going to show you 10 summer life hacks. One. So nobody likes mosquito bites


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