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  • Hi Food Tuber's. I'm Alexis, French Guy Cooking

  • and today we're making the most famous and delicious French soup ever. The onion soup gratin.

  • Or in French, la soupe onion gratin.

  • It really is a simple and humble soup, but with so much flavour in it.

  • Sweet and caramelized onions, sweet onion and hearty stock, and topped with crispyand garlicy bread

  • and melted cheese of course.

  • t's supposed to be saved for broken hearts and bad hangovers. So in my opinion it's very useful.

  • Lets do it!

  • Start with one kilo of onions, which in my case is about 5 big ones.

  • Yellow or white ones, it doesn't matter.

  • Grab a sharp knife and start mincing those onions.

  • To do so, cut the onion in half, place the cut side down and start slicing at the opposite end of the root.

  • Oh by the way keep the root!

  • Because it's holding everything in place.

  • Every time I'm chopping onion, I cry. Well I'm not even sad. This is such a waste!

  • I hate waste. So maybe I could season the soup with my tears.

  • Place a heavy bottom pan, like this Dutch one for example, on medium heat.

  • To tablespoon butter go in, and a drizzle of natural oil to prevent it from burning.

  • Drop all the onions in.

  • If it looks too much, that's perfect.

  • Cos during cooking it will reduce a lot.

  • Season well with salt.

  • It will pull the moisture out, and help the caramelisation going on.

  • Stir it from time to time.

  • It takes about 30 minutes to reach a beautiful brown colour. Which is the secret to a perfect onion soup.

  • When it looks good pour in a glass of white wine.

  • Do not use a sweet wine, because we are looking to balance the flavour and the onions are already sweet.

  • Instead use a dry wine, or in a more appetizing word, fresh wine.

  • This section is called the deglazing, but really it's simple scraping and dissolving the brown and calamelised bits

  • from the bottom. And using those to pump up the flavour of the sauce.

  • If you want to, you can replace the alcohol with one cup of apple cider vinegar.

  • Afterwards add one tablespoon of flour, mix well and cook for about a minute.

  • Add one litre of organic beef stock.

  • Of course if you want to keep it vegetarian just use vegetable stock.

  • Add a bunch of herbs, like thyme, rosemary or bay leaves.

  • Let the soup simmer for about twenty minutes,

  • don't season the soup too early, because when simmering it's evaporating, it will get stronger and more

  • salty.

  • Taste it at the end and adjust.

  • Adding a dash of cognac or brandy will make it man.

  • Well I'm basically planning on revealing every secret of the french cuisine, so

  • stay tuned!

  • To build a crust. Grill up some bread

  • rub it with garlic, and make slice float on top of the soup.

  • Of course using stale bread for that job would be just as good.

  • Sprinkle that with a guilty amount of melted cheese.

  • Swiss Green cheese is fine, but for a truly French touch use Comté cheese.

  • And please don't go light.

  • It's supposed to be decadent.

  • Pop this bowl in a pre-heated oven set to boiling mode and full whack.

  • The soups are ready when the tops of crispy and golden.

  • That's why gratin.

  • They look beautiful, right? Trust me, they taste amazing!

  • To eat it you're supposed to get a bit of everything. Cheese, bread, and of course that silky and flavourful

  • bowl.

  • I told you this is about comfort food.

  • It's a perfect on a, wet Mondays.

  • If you want to brighten your day. It looks quite magical.

  • Like, comment, share. Subscribe to Food Tube, and my channel too for many more delicious recipes.

  • Bye-bye! Salut!

Hi Food Tuber's. I'm Alexis, French Guy Cooking


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