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  • How to Remove Makeup. We know, we know: after a long night out, the last thing you feel

  • like doing is removing your makeup. But your skin needs the night to end too... You will

  • need Eye makeup remover Makeup remover Facial cleanser Cotton pads Warm water A towel A

  • natural, alcohol-free toner And a non-comedogenic moisturizer and oil-based eye makeup remover

  • (optional) (optional). Step 1. Moisten a cotton pad with eye makeup remover and, with your

  • eyes closed, rub your upper eyelids from top to bottom, removing eye shadow and mascara.

  • Repeat until no makeup residue appears on the pad. If you use waterproof mascara, you'll

  • need an oil-based eye makeup remover. Step 2. Open your eyes and give your lower eyelids

  • a few upward strokes until the mascara and liner are removed. Be gentle. You don't want

  • to stretch your skin or get makeup or makeup remover in your eye. Step 3. Moisten a cotton

  • pad with makeup remover and wipe them, starting from the outer corners and working your way

  • in. Repeat until all lipstick is removed. Step 4. Using another cotton pad moistened

  • with makeup remover, wipe any remaining makeup off your face. Make sure you clean the outer

  • edges of your face, where makeup tends to collect. Step 5. Gently splash your face with

  • warm water. Step 6. Use your hands to apply the facial cleanser, massaging it into a lather.

  • Don't apply facial cleanser to the eye area--it might irritate the eyes and cause burning

  • or tearing. Avoid regular soap, which can dry your skin. For oily or combination skin,

  • use a mild foaming cleanser; for dry skin, use a cream cleanser. Step 7. Rinse your face

  • with warm water until all the makeup and cleanser is removed. Pat your face dry with a clean,

  • soft towel. Step 8. Apply an alcohol-free toner to restore natural pH levels to your

  • face. Toner will also help remove any microscopic bits of makeup in your pores that the cleanser

  • may have missed. Step 9. Apply moisturizer to your face and massage it into your skin.

  • Ahhhhh... doesn't that feel good? Sweet dreams... Did you know Women in Elizabethan England

  • used to spread egg whites over their faces for a glazed look.

How to Remove Makeup. We know, we know: after a long night out, the last thing you feel


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如何卸妝 (How to Remove Makeup)

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