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  • The first amendment protects our freedom of religion, but it doesn't say anything about

  • how a group in the US legally goes from being an organization to being a religion. So, how

  • does that work?

  • Well, the short answer is, it doesn't. There is no actual way for the US Government to

  • legally recognize a religion. "But Tara, with Hobby Lobby the Supreme court said"- No. Let

  • me explain.

  • The First Amendment states that:

  • "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting

  • the free exercise thereof;"

  • So outside of acknowledging that religions exist, the amendment doesn't give the Government

  • the power to do anything. It's just gives them the obligation to not do things, namely

  • establish or prohibit religion.

  • By implication, it also prevents the Government from elevating any one religion over another,

  • because that would count as establishing one religion and, by extension, prohibiting others.

  • So, they can't even make a list of approved religions. Which begs the question, how can

  • you protect the rights of something you can't officially recognize?

  • That's the thing about the US constitution. It's designed to protect the rights of US

  • citizens, including their freedom of religion. But it's NOT designed to protect their specific

  • religion and it's definitely not designed to protect their religious institution. It's

  • the difference between protecting someone's belief in Catholicism and protecting the Catholic

  • church.

  • You see, the Supreme Court sees religion as "a sincere and meaningful belief that occupies

  • in the life of its possessor a place parallel to the place held by God in the lives of other

  • persons."

  • And that is what the freedom of religion protects, your right to believe and practice whatever

  • religion you want.

  • If an organization is using those beliefs and practices to form a religion, that's fine,

  • but it's those beliefs and practices that are being protected - not that religious organization.

  • So, there's no legal official way to become a religion, but there doesn't have to be.

  • All religious beliefs - big or small - are protected. So pray on, prayer.

  • If you wanna hear how freedom of religion is implemented in the real world, then watch

  • our video on the recent Hobby Lobby ruling by the Supreme Court. If you found this show

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The first amendment protects our freedom of religion, but it doesn't say anything about


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美國何時在法律上承認一個宗教? (When Does The US Legally Recognize A Religion?)

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