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  • I've seen the effects of bullying.

  • It can destroy someone and destroy their confidence

  • and destroy their self - their feeling of self - worth

  • and how at times in my life when I was younger

  • and - and even still now depending

  • on things that I've read about myself

  • or heard people say when they didn't think I was listening

  • it doesn't leave me feeling good.

  • And so I'm in a way when I am put down

  • I'm putting out negative - negativity and like

  • and sort of sadness into the world as well so I'm spreading

  • - I'm not spreading positivity in that moment either.

  • And I feel like we should be spreading more positivity

  • and we should be telling people about that

  • and I just don't - I don't want the world

  • to be filled with that feeling because I felt it so much

  • and I'd like for it to stop and I'd

  • like for people to be more aware of it.

  • So I think that's the point of this

  • and what we're doing right now it's to educate and make

  • everyone aware of this issue and hopefully

  • make it stop because half the battle is ignorance

  • and half the battle is complacence

  • and not doing anything.

  • So you have to step up for those around you,

  • step up and support yourself and speak up for yourself

  • and not do it.

  • At all.

I've seen the effects of bullying.


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旁觀者的革命。尼娜-多佈雷夫|欺凌的影響 (Bystander Revolution: Nina Dobrev | Effects of Bullying)

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