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This week, we're happy to introduce the newest member of the NET team.
My Brother Tom.
Tom's gonna do this week's lesson I'm leaving you in good hands.
This week, we're gonna talk about something
I've seen people have problems with.
In the U.S., we have some very specific bar vocabulary
that you might not know.
Here's an example:
We found Mr Cool wandering the streets of Peniche, Portugal.
These are some very common mistakes when ordering drinks in a bar.
What can I getcha? Hello How are you? Good. What can I getcha?
When you reach the bar, the bartender will say something like:
Which means "What can I get for you?"
ehhh, beer!
In the U.S.,
it's polite like to say:
Instead of just: "Beer." or "Vodka."
That's a little rude.
Bottle or Draft? uh, beer!
If you're ordering a beer,
the bartender will ask:
"Draft" means from the tap.
If you go to the bar and just "Vodka" or "Whiskey," they'll probably give you a shot.
To drink - Whiskey! Ok! Cocktail or Shot?
When you're ordering a mixed drink like vodka & OJ or vodka & cranberry.
In the US, we call that a cocktail
Neat or On the Rocks?
UhÉ what means? Ice or No Ice?
There are two basic ways to get a cocktail with ice or no ice.
If you want a cocktail with ice, you say:
If you want a cocktail with no ice, you say:
Do you take card? Yeah. Keep it open? Yes.
When you pay with credit card,
the bartender will ask
That means you'll pay at the end of the night
And my card? You said keep it open.
When you start a tab,
the bartender will hold your credit card
until you're finished drinking
so don't panic if he does not give your card back when you say start a tab


在酒吧點飲料 (How to Order a Drink | Learn English with Funny Videos | Native English Teacher .NET)

57740 分類 收藏
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