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  • DNA is the instruction manual for how to build life

  • From animals to plants to humans it defines us all

  • Information is stored in DNA using 4 types of molucules, which come in pairs

  • We have billions of these pairs

  • DNA folds itself into paired packages called chromosomes

  • Which are stored in the nucleus of cells

  • Each species has a different number of chromosomes

  • Humans have 46 chromosomes which contain our genes

  • Genes act as instructions for molecules called proteins

  • In humans, genes vary in size from a few hundred DNA bases to more than 2 million bases

  • And we have an estimated 20,000 to 25,000 of these genes passed during reproduction

  • Each person has two copies of each gene

  • One inherited from each parent

  • And most genes are the same in all people except for a small number of genes being slightly different

  • These small differences contribute to each person's unique physical characteristics

  • Varying from height, color and personality traits

  • Some genes are dominant and some are recessive

  • Dominant genes are most often expressed as observable charcterstics

  • While recessive genes are often masked by dominant genes

  • The recessive genes are expressed when inherited from both parents

  • While we share 98% of our DNA with bonobos and chimpanzees

  • We don't quite look alike because that 2% equals thousands and thousands of different genes

  • And while all humans share over 99% of our DNA with each other

  • What we don't share is what makes us unique in our own way

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DNA is the instruction manual for how to build life


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DNA - 什麼是DNA?- DNA的基礎知識 (DNA - What is DNA? - Basics of DNA)

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