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  • Mark, it's incredible, even in the Rocky Mountains, you just can't get away from the topic of Greece,

    Mark 這真是太驚人了。不管在哪裡,你都無法脫離希臘的議題,

  • and everybody's trying to figure out, yes, this is a country that is 2% of the Eurozone economy,


  • it is an economy the size of the state of Oregon, why should we really care?


  • Well, the question is nobody knows what's going on.


  • number one, the Greek people don't know what they are voting on,


  • and nobody knows, really, what the market fallout could be.


  • And it's interesting because, you know, some of the interviews with Greek officials,


  • Eric interviewed the uh mayor of Athens earlier this week,

    像是這周稍早 Eric 訪問雅典市長,

  • today our guy Johnson interviewing the finance minister Yanis Varoufakis,

    還有今天 Johnson 訪問財政部長 Yanis Varoufakis,

  • and Mr. Varoufakis saying that if people vote yes in this referendum coming up this weekend, that he will resign,

    Varoufakis 先生說如果人民在這週末的公投中投下贊成票,他將會下台

  • and that seems to be the call from some in Greece that if government does not get its way,


  • it's been encouraging, the Prime Minister Tsipras anyway,

    這是首相 Tsipras 的一種鼓勵

  • has been encouraging people to vote no, that if the no vote fails, will the Tsipras government resign?

    這在鼓勵人民投下反對票,如果公投結果是贊成的,則 Tsipras 內閣會下台嗎?

  • Will there be snap elections? Will they try to get new blood in line?


  • Right, it's hard to see how Alexis Tsipras hangs on. Doesn't he need legitimacy?

    對,的確很難看出 Alexis Tripras 將會如何撐下去。難道他不需要正當性嗎?

  • I mean the whole question of whether or not the referendum in and on itself have legitimacy, uh


  • is another topic and a curious one, you know, the last time Greece actually held a referendum,


  • I believe it was in 1940s when the Greek people were asked, "Do you want a king or a republic?"


  • That's a pretty clear-cut question, which probably people had established positions on.


  • People don't know what they're voting on.


  • When Eric and Guy talked to people in the street of Athens, they say, "I'm voting to stay in the Euro," that's not really on the table.

    當 Eric 和 Guy 訪問雅典民眾時,他們說:「我為了繼續待在歐元區投票」,但那其實並不在選項之中。

  • That's not, and Eric has been key in pointing this out,

    對,那並不是。而 Eric 也指出這個問題,

  • do the Greek people really understand what they will be voting on come Sunday?


  • And it seems that a lot of them don't.


  • There have been a lot of mixed messages,


  • but what seems to keep getting lost in all of this, is the suffering of the Greek people,


  • they have suffered mightily for years under mismanagement, under graft, under corruption,


  • a pension system that clearly needs reform, clearly is not sustainable,


  • so aside from how the outcome of the vote goes on Sunday,


  • there are massive, structural reforms that need to be undertaken,


  • for Greece to get back in the good graces not of the Eurozone,


  • but of the international investment community because they're still wary about what's going on.


  • And as you say a very serious humanitarian toll, (yea)


  • uh, in the meantime, all right, Mark hang on...

    而現在...Mark ,撐著..

  • Those pictures are, are awful, heartbreaking. (Awful)


  • You see the pensioners lining up outside the banks, and they can only get X amount of dollars,


  • and as some of our guests have been pointing out, you have whole families,


  • some of which are living off of Grandma and Grandpa's pensions because of the situation there, it's heartbreaking. (It is)


Mark, it's incredible, even in the Rocky Mountains, you just can't get away from the topic of Greece,

Mark 這真是太驚人了。不管在哪裡,你都無法脫離希臘的議題,

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