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  • Welcome back to another idiom video. My name is Thomas. Our first idiom today is,

  • "Give someone a pat on the back." Does that mean literally to do this to somebody?

  • Well, yes, because this is a pat, right? But when you do this, that action means that

  • you are complimenting someone on a great job that they did.

  • So, for example, in my example we have: The boss gave Peter a pat on the back.

  • Because he did a good job at work. Okay, so normally when someone gives you a

  • pat on the back, it's good. Right, it's telling you that you did a good job.

  • Our next idiom is, "Let's get down to business."

  • Right, some people who aren't native speakers might say,

  • "Let's get down to the business." But, usually a native speaker would not use

  • "the." Right, it's not natural and it's not the way

  • we would use this. What does, "Let's get down to business, mean?"

  • Does it mean, "Let's get down, dance?" Like James brown?

  • No, it doesn't mean to dance. Let's get down to business is more clear when

  • you see it in the example, right. Let's look at it right. So a boss says, "Let's

  • stop talking, and get down to business." What does the boss mean?

  • The boss means, let's stop talking and let's actually do action, the action of doing business.

  • Let's get work done. And that's what, "Let's get down to business,"means.

  • Okay and our last idiom for today is,

  • "Back to square one." What does that mean?

  • Does that mean that we are going back to the square, the number one square?

  • No it means we have start all the way over to the beginning or back to the beginning.

  • So, for example, maybe a writer, right someone who writes books, an author, maybe started

  • a new book. All on their computer and their typing it

  • up and then for some reason, that night they get a virus and the virus erases everything

  • on their computer. What happens to that new book? Well that new book is gone, right?

  • So all the materials of the new book is gone, with the details and so forth.

  • So what do they say? They say, "I guess we're back to square one."

  • Or I guess I'm back to square one. Meaning, they have to start over from scratch,

  • from nothing again. Thanks for watching today's video.

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Welcome back to another idiom video. My name is Thomas. Our first idiom today is,


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