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This Valentine’s Day,
revisit the film that reminds you that no matter how much you love each other
you’re both gonna grow old and die.
The Notebook.
From sappy author Nicholas Sparks, comes the timeless romance that paved the way for millions
of people to form unrealistic expectations of their real-life relationships.
Meet Allie, an attractive, wealthy, Southern Belle who’s biggest problem is that everyone adores her.
Meet Noah, a poor country boy who’s entire family is dead.
When these two find each other, he’ll criticize her for being a pushover, and then constantly tell her what to do.
"Get in the water! Get in!"
And she’ll abandon him on numerous occasions.
Together they’ll be so indecisive, you’ll wonder why they’re even trying.
"I love you."
"I love him!"
"I hate you! I hate you!"
"I love him!"
"Now I hate you!"
"I need you to tell him that I love him."
"If you leave here, I hate you."
"Do you guys love each other?"
"Look at us: we're already fighting!"
"Well, that's what we do!"
A love. that taught an entire generation of women, that it's perfectly okay to string
along a sweet, handsome, supportive guy,
as long as you’re able to satisfy your every impulsive desire.
A movie so generic, yet inexplicably popular, it’s basically the Olive Garden of Love Stories.
And a romance that will make nagging girlfriends ask “Why aren’t you more like Ryan Gosling?”
Prompting all boyfriends to ask: “Can we please watch Die Hard?
Prepare to relive the bad driving,
the violence,
the shirtless-ness,
the red dresses,
the more shirtless-ness,
the horrible slurping,
and the death of feminism.
Rachel McAdam’s Apple
Julia Stiles
Joseph Stalin
Fancy Cyclops
James Garnish
and... an old lady
The Movie Your Girlfriend Will Make You Watch
So wait, he wrote hundreds of letters, but couldn’t just call her once?
Ugh could have saved me 2 hours.
Thanks for watching!
Be sure to subscribe and be sure to tell us in the comments below what movie you want
to see next.
And tell me what words you'd like to hear me say in my epic movie trailer voice.



電影《手札情緣》的超誠實版預告片 (Honest Trailers - The Notebook)

271066 分類 收藏
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