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Good afternoon honored guests, families, friends, professors, and fellow classmates.
Thank you for coming to my graduation, three years ago.
Hello everybody my name is Ray and yeah, I’m in a graduation gown.
Just yesterday I attended my sister’s graduation ceremony and also it’s graduating season
so I thought I’d make a video on this topic.
Yes, this is my sister’s graduation gown.
The fact that I can fit perfectly in her gown demonstrates how she’s...
obviously borrowed an oversized gown.
No honestly I’m just skinnier than her.
Shut up!
So lets start by looking at some words related to graduation.
First of all in America, I think we use the term “commencement ceremony”
more than “graduation ceremony”, they’re both correct and you can use either,
but commencement refers to the particular ceremony
where your name is called and you go get your certificate and cry and break down and...
However, graduation is also when you fulfilled all your academic requirements and officially “graduate” from the school.
So this can happen anytime whenever you’re ready.
So there is a difference, you can still attend the commencement ceremony with your other fellow graduates
even though you skipped too much classes and ended up having to go for another semester,
which is, kinda sad.
That is also exactly why you don’t receive the actual diploma during the commencement ceremony,
you get it afterwards.
I think it’s a good way to put it too, because commencement also means “beginning”,
so it's like after college you’re beginning a new life.
Now onto the dress, I mean gown.
First of all we have the graduation cap, and this little guy right here is called a tassel
and we should secure it on the right side... so, here.
Then there’s this thing, I’m not sure if it’s called a graduation hood
because a hood is usually larger and with flaps, so I'm not sure about this one.
To confuse me even more it’s pink, why is it pink? Why does it have to be pink?
And the actual graduation gown, it is specially designed to have zero breathability
so that you can create a little sweat waterfall inside.
It's really happening right now inside.
So the next thing to talk about besides the attire is what people do in commencement ceremonies
and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed what people did yesterday.
You see, they reserve this time slot after awarding the certificate and the turning of the tassel,
for the graduates to come up and talk.
But they don’t just talk, sometimes they get a little bit too emotional and they start to cry,
this is where things get interesting.
I’m not trying to, like, make fun of anyone here
but as I was sitting there with my camera all set up, I can see really close-up all of their expressions
and it was genuinely entertaining.
I hope I could show you some of those clips because I do have them recorded,
but obviously I can’t do that.
Can I?
Okay so obviously, I couldn't,
I'm not gonna do it. I'm not gonna do it.
So I’m just going to do my best to reenact those moments to demonstrate my point.
First of all we need to get scientific and divide the different cryers into different categories
and there are some different types. I’ll show you five.
So first we have the mumblers,
it’s impossible to hear what they're trying to say when they're crying, and speaking, at the same time.
Then we have the tilters,
I think they don't want the tears to fall down so they tilt their head backwards.
My parents, they’re here and they're right there, at the right side. You can see them,
I love you guys so much, and...
A close relative of the titlers are the fanners,
this is when they presumably fight back tears by cooling themselves.
I mean, it's been tough but I made it.
Next we have the naysayers,
they're the ones who repeatedly convince themselves that they are not going to cry,
but they cry anyway.
No I won’t cry I'm fine, don’t hand me no tissue paper.
I just wanna take a moment and thank my parents...
Why am I crying? No.
Ok, thank you.
Finally my personal favorite are the dancers,
now they're not just crying, their crying are in sync with some kind of dynamic choreography,
it’s like this new age art thingy.
Entertainment at its best.
I really wanna thank my friends...
We're really good friends...
I hope we keep in touch...
So there you have it, the five ways people cry in commencement ceremonies.
Again, I have to stress, I’m not making fun of anyone,
it’s just that I admire these different types of crying from the bottom of my...
judgmental heart.
As for my sister, she kind of cried, but didn’t really cry. So she’s not within those five types.
She's an underachiever, so it's not fun to look at.
But she was the valedictorian, which means she is the representative of her class
and so she had to give a valediction.
Here today in my vlog I wanna share with you a little segment of my sister’s speech,
now it's about a minute or so, because the whole speech was seven...
seventy-two hours.
So yeah, a little segment.
So here you go, enjoy, but I’m gonna say this first,
don’t ask for her number or facebook or anything, just no.
Seriously, no.
As William A. Ward once said,
"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."
You are like that. You inspire us.
Although you may not remember all of our names in the future,
we won’t blame you, because, let’s be honest here,
I don’t even remember most of my classmate’s names.
But know this: we will always remember you and the privilege of being your students.
Thank you, for everything.
Then, I would like to say something to my fellow graduates,
by the way I do remember your names.
I’m very lucky to have had the chance to work and study with many of you during all these years.
You are all amazing people, each and every one of you having your own talents and individuality.
Thank you, my friends, for being my friend
and for bringing me so much joy and laughter in my university years.
I would like to thank my beautiful and loving mother, my selfless and intelligent father,
and my caring and inspirational brother.
Without my parents, I wouldn’t be able to become who I am today.
You’ve worked so hard to provide me with all the best things in the world.
You’ve showered me with endless love and care.
You’ve forgiven my mistakes in life and taught me how to be a better person.
I hope I’ve made you proud.
Without my brother, I couldn’t even imagine.
You’re like a twin. We are mental twins and as a bonus, we look so, so much alike!
All through these years, you’ve not only been just an older brother,
you have been and always will be my role model, my shelter, and my best friend.
I hope I’ve made you proud as well.
So that's the little segment of my sister's speech I hope you guys enjoyed it.
Because it's graduating season so I figured maybe, some of you are graduating.
Maybe some of you will be interested to hear about graduation so I hope you guys also enjoyed today's vlog.
Now this recording was done by me so I did personally attend my sister's commencement ceremony.
And it's quite an experience because to be honest,
I didn't really attend my own graduation three years ago.
I remember the day was like really rainy, it was showering.
And I thought to myself, "Man, so troublesome, I don't wanna go."
And I didn't go! So, I was that lazy. I was a really lazy student, compared to my sister, really.
Because she's really diligent and, she's that kind of like, straight A's student
she not only graduated, she graduated with distinction.
That means, basically, she kicks ass when it comes to academics.
So, she also gave that speech.
We are all, like my family and I, we are all very proud of her.
Now she's like crying in the corner right now.
So, it's an experience because it's graduation, it's like,
you're done with this phase of your life and it's a rite of passage, you're passing through that
and you're gonna start a brand new life (with) new challenges for you to overcome.
So, I think it's a really good experience.
And, as I'm talking, I more and more feel that...
it's so fricking hot, this suit, I can't stand this.
Let's just cut to the chase. Right here, we have a video. Right here, radio.
Right here, we have my website, and subscribe up there. Catch you guys next time.
Did you subscribe yet? Subscribe to my channel. Thank you!
As always, thank you guys for watching and I'll catch you guys next time! See ya!
I'm serious, this is so fricking hot!



【阿滴英文】畢業典禮上五種哭的方式!(All About Graduation)

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