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  • At number 10, we have Kobe Bryant, from the Los Angeles Lakers,

    第十名是洛杉磯湖人隊的 Kobe Bryant,

  • still the highest paid player on the court in the NBA,

    他依然是 NBA 球場上年收入最高的球員,

  • and still has a very lucrative pact with Nike,

    還有一個跟 Nike 利潤很豐厚的合約,

  • uh, started something called Kobe Inc. to make investments.

    嗯,也創立了 Kobe Inc.公司來做些投資。

  • Tiger Woods ranks number 9 at $50.6 million.

    Tiger Woods 以年收入 5060 萬位居第九名,

  • Tiger's been sidelined a lot in the last 12 months,


  • missed a ton of cuts, really struggling.


  • He made only $600,000 in terms of prize money,

    他只得到 60 萬的獎金,

  • but, still, Nike pays him more than $20 million dollars a year,

    可是 Nike 一年付他超過 2000 萬,

  • and his golf course design business has picked up.


  • Phil Mickelson comes in at number 8.

    第八名是 Phil Mickelson。

  • He outearned Tiger for the first time in his career.

    他在他職業生涯裡第一次收入高於 Tiger。

  • Phil is very popular with his sponsors.

    Phil 很受贊助商歡迎。

  • They're gonna continue to use Phil long after his best playing days are behind him.

    即便是在過了生涯高峰以後,他們將會持續和 Phil 合作。

  • Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder ranks number 7, $54.1 million,

    俄克拉荷馬城雷霆的 Kevin Durant 以年收 5410 萬位居第七名,

  • uh, signed a huge deal last year, it's gonna be payout $300 million, including royalties.

    嗯,他去年簽了一筆大合約,將會得到 3 億的收入,包括版權費。

  • It was a huge bidding war between Nike and Under Armour,

    這是 Nike 和 Under Armour 之間的出價戰爭,

  • and the winner at the end of this, Kevin Durant.

    而最後的勝利者是 Kevin Durant。

  • LeBron James comes in at number 6, with $64.8 million.

    LeBron James 以年收 6480 萬位居第六名。

  • His shoes sold $340 million worth for Nike in 2014, and that's just in the U.S.

    他的球鞋在 2014 年就為 Nike 賺了3億4千萬,而且這只是在美國地區而已

  • Roger Federer comes in at number 5 with earnings of $67 million,

    Roger Federer 以年收 6700 萬位居第五名,

  • pulls in $58 million from sponsors and appearance fees,

    他從贊助商和出場費賺進了 5800 萬,

  • and then made $9 million on the court, in terms of prize money, over the last 12 months.

    然後在過去十二個月在球場上賺了 900 萬的獎金。

  • Lionel Messi ranks number 4 overall.

    第四名是 Lionel Messi。

  • Barcelona redid his contract in 2014, adding $9 million to his playing salary.

    Barcelona 在 2014 年更新了他的合約,為他的年資再加上 900 萬元。

  • He is Adidas' biggest sponsor when it comes to promoting soccer around the world.

    他是 Adidas 在推廣足球運動中最大的贊助對象。

  • Cristiano Ronaldo comes in at number 3, at nearly $80 million.

    Cristiano Ronaldo 以年收 8000 萬位居第三名。

  • The three time Player of the Year is a corporate dream.


  • He's got a huge social media presence, with 158 million followers across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

    他在社群網站上很活躍,在 Twitter、Facebook 和 Instagram 有 1 億 5 千 8 百萬個追蹤者。

  • Manny Pacquiao ranks second overall.

    第二名是 Manny Pacquiao。

  • Manny had the biggest payday of his career in his May 2nd fight against Floyd Mayweather.

    Manny 在他生涯中賺過最多錢的一次是在他五月二號對上 Floyed Mayweather 的比賽。

  • Also, added sponsors this year leading up to the fight,


  • so signed deals with Footlocker, Nike had his own apparel line,

    跟 Footlocker 簽了合約,也跟 Nike 合作設計自己的服裝系列,

  • made a deal with Nestlé.

    也跟 Nestlé 合作。

  • And the highest paid athlete in the world, for the second year in a row and third time in four years, Floyd Mayweather,

    連續兩年、且四年中第三次位居全世界收入最高的運動員是 Floyd Mayweather,

  • earned $300 million over the last 12 months.


  • He controls the purse strings by also acting as promoter.


  • He's ignored sponsorship deals in the past, but leading up to this fight,


  • he signed deals with FanDuel, Hublot, Burger King,

    他跟 FanDuel、Hublot、Burger King 簽了合約,

  • and he also has his popular TMT merchandise,

    他也有很受歡迎的 TMT 商品,

  • so Floyd earned about $15 million outside of the ring, over the last year.


At number 10, we have Kobe Bryant, from the Los Angeles Lakers,

第十名是洛杉磯湖人隊的 Kobe Bryant,


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