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  • Respect the lab and respect your colleagues. Your behavior goes a long way to insuring

  • that the lab is a safe environment for everyone.

  • The first consideration is to follow the written Standard Operating Procedures step-by-step.

  • Never eat, drink, chew gum or apply makeup while in the lab.

  • You don’t want to contaminate your skin or risk ingesting poisonous chemicals.

  • You could also contaminate your experiment and ruin your results.

  • Never work alone.

  • Always have at least one other person in the lab

  • so that you can help each other in case of an emergency.

  • Good housekeeping will prevent accidents too.

  • A cluttered lab is a dangerous lab.

  • Dispose of any trash or debris on the floor which could cause someone to fall.

  • Never place any chemical bottles on the floor, not even temporarily.

  • If you do make a spill, check the safety data sheet for the appropriate response.

  • For a routine spill, clean it immediately and place a “wet floorsign.

  • Keep your workbench clean and organized.

  • Have only the materials you need - store away all unneeded items.

  • Don’t place materials near the edge of the workbench where they can be easily knocked

  • off.

  • Never try to pick up broken glass with your bare hands.

  • A cut or puncture caused by broken glass may introduce a hazardous chemical directly into

  • your blood stream.

  • Dispose the glass in a designated broken glass container.

  • After youve finished an experiment, wash and dry glassware.

  • Return reagents to the storage area,

  • and clean the workbench surface with ethanol or isopropyl alcohol.

  • If a safety violation occurs, or you notice any unsafe condition in the lab,

  • report it immediately to your supervisor.

  • Be on your best behavior.

  • In our next lesson, well look at some specific chemical hazards that are common in laboratories.

Respect the lab and respect your colleagues. Your behavior goes a long way to insuring


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行為/實驗室安全視頻第三部分 (Behavior / Lab Safety Video Part 3)

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