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Asa and Hailee, wonderful to meet you, aka Petra and Ender in Ender's Game. Now you guys
have great chemistry in the film. Did you hit it off straight away?
No. I'm kidding we totally did. Um your like what. We had so much fun yeah. Almost immediately
the whole cast got together so well. We had space camp the first week before filming where
we all bonded immediately. Yeah I think that really comes across on camera, the fact that
we were so close and such good friends with everyone really meant that we could push it
further and yeah we had a lot of fun.
Tell me about space camp. What does that entail?
Oh man. That was like a week of just an incredible learning experience. I actually was, I came
a bit late into that. You were there with everybody. We were taught everything from
how to march and how to salute and we learned different cadences. We learned really technical
things from astronauts and just incredible things you wouldn't even think about when
you're reading the script. So it all was really helpful and really played a part in making
a great film.
And you had a boot camp as well. Is that correct? Was this painful? Was this grueling?
I think the most grueling and painful part was waking up really early. But once we got
into it we had fun. We did, there was about a hundred of us including the extras and the
cast. We were all being marched down this hallway because we had to learn how to march
and salute, all the stuff you would learn in a military camp. Literally if one person
messed up that was it. Everyone was down on the floor. Twenty push ups.
No. Obviously the whole host of young actors. You say you got on really well. Were there
any pranks on set?
Yeah there was. There were a few. There were more of just like sort of messing around with
each other. There was one big prank at the end that kind of, got us. Yeah it did. It
had to do with Gavin and a bunch of people and its a really complicated story. But there
was a lot of kind of, scaring each other around corners. Just random fun stuff. Fooling around
Now I think for me, one of the most exciting parts of the film was the battle room. Its
basically zero gravity, laser quest. How did you simulate that weightlessness? I hear about
something called a lollipop.
We did yeah. The lollipop is one of the rigs they use. They had about six different rigs
for different movements. Because of course one rig cant do everything you need and it
was incorporating looking like zero gravity. We had an astronaut come in and showed us
videos because often its stereotypicalised as being very slow and sluggish. In reality
its nothing like that. So we had that, we had our lines, we had. I had an accent to
worry about. We had our green screen all around us. We had so much fun but it was hard work.
You did a good job. Going into that though, you do have to put on those suits. Now they
look a little bit tight. Your obviously channeling it right now a little bit. How did you get
in? Were they easy to get on?
No. There was two pieces, there was the legs. Oh, no firstly we had to wear under armour.
Under armour underneath it. Underneath it. Then we had the leather leg rubber things
which you pulled up. They came up around our waist and over our shoulders. Then we had
the jacket which zipped up, now at that point we were like, (short of breath). Then we had
the gloves and the boots, helmet. We were kitted out. We had baby powder on standby
just to be able to get into these things. But yeah.
Nice little Ross Geller moment there.
Obviously Earth in this film is quite a verdant utopia. Its very beautiful, its very lovely,
its worth fighting for. What would be your ideal planet? What would it look like? What
would it smell like? What would it be populated with?
For me an ideal planet would have to be pretty diverse. Because you don't want one thing.
You don't want a planet that's full of just skyscrapers and fast cars. You want a planet
which has a bit of everything you want. You want the cities for the nightlife. Then you
want the jungles, you want the deserts, you want the mountains. I think Planet Earth has
got it pretty good in terms of diversity. I was going to say yeah, kind of like what
it is now. I think its interesting too to watch this movie and see the possibility of
the future. But I sort of love what it is right now.
I think that's good. I think that's a good way to be. If we like how it is then we've
got nothing to complain about. Thank you so much guys.
Thank you.


戰爭遊戲:Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld 訪談 (Ender's Game: Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld interview)

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