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Greetings Earthlings. The English language is now the most popular language in the Universe.
My name is Lay-Lady-Lay and I'm here to introduce our series for language learners. I am here
with my colleague - his name is Hello-Yellow.
Yes Hello Lay-Lady-Lay. I'm Hello-Yellow. I speak American English and Lay-Lady-Lay
has an Australian accent.
Every program we will discuss ten English words. What are today's words Hello-Yellow?
Today's words are: Air House Example Interest Fly Heat Wild Key and Operate . They are some
of the thousand most common English words.
So the words you can learn today are Air House Example Interest Fly Heat Wild Key and Operate
. What type of words are they?
Air House and Example are nouns. Air is all around us. Planes fly through the air , for
example. We use Wild and Key as adjectives with nouns, so you could have a wild house
where there were lots of parties, and a key example - in other words, an important example.
The verbs today are interest, heat, fly and operate . I want to interest you in English.
We could heat the air in the house. I don't know how to operate the windows. Can you make
more sentences using today's words?


跟視頻學英語-頂 20 英語動詞 1 (Learn English! 10 new words every day)

606 分類 收藏
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