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  • In June, seven of the world’s most influential government leaders met in Germany for the 2015 G7 summit.

    今年六月,世界上最具影響力的七個國家領導人在德國參與 2015 年 G7 高峰會。

  • The group discussed major geopolitical issues including terrorism and sanctions against Russia. So how powerful is the G7?

    這個團體討論重大地緣政治議題,包含恐怖主義以及對俄羅斯的制裁。到底 G7 有多強呢?

  • First, its origins: theGroup of Seven”, started out as theGroup of Six”, back in 1975, but it’s not considered a formal institution, and has no formal charter.

    首先他們的起源:這個「七國團體」在 1975 只有「六國」,並非官方組織,也沒有正式的章程。

  • In the beginning, the G6 included: the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Japan, which were some of the wealthiest countries at the time.

    起初,G6 包括:美國、英國、法國、德國、義大利、與日本,是當時最富裕的幾個國家。

  • They called their first meeting to discuss the looming global oil crisis, but its membership and discussions have fluctuated over time.


  • Canada was added in 1976, The European Commission has been continuously present since 1981.

    加拿大在 1976 年被准許加入,歐洲執委會從 1981 年開始與會。

  • And Russia was added in 1998, then suspended for invading Ukraine in 2014 - so membership can be lost or gained. Nothing guarantees it.

    俄羅斯在 1998 年被准許加入,但在 2014 年因為侵略烏克蘭而被停權 -- 因此,會籍是可以被沒收或是取得的。沒有什麼是可以被保證的。

  • What has remained consistent, is the group’s influence: G7 members collectively represent nearly half of the world’s total GDP.

    唯一不變的是這個組織的影響力:G7 會員國加起來幾乎佔了全球 GDP 的一半。

  • This powerhouse meets for two days every year in a series of private meetings and public media briefings.


  • Most recently, the G7 was criticized after itsThink ahead, act together” 2015 summit, for ending with mereCOMMITMENTSto progress, rather than any tangible solutions.

    最近,G7 之所以在名為「前瞻思考、共同行動」的 2015 年高峰會後廣受批評,是因為他們沒有提出任何實質解決方案,而僅以「承諾」作結。

  • Although, to be fair, the G7 leaders are not required to make concrete plans.

    然而,說實在,G7 領袖也無需提供具體計劃。

  • Still, they agreed to extend sanctions against Russia, phase out fossil fuels by the end of the century, and end extreme poverty and terrorism.


  • However, critics note that the success of these commitments hinge on whether the G7 leaders can implement them on a global scale.

    然而,評論者認為,這些承諾的成功與否,取決於 G7 領導者是否能大規模地執行計劃。

  • The other major point of criticism of the G7 is its seeming reluctance to include other major countries in the talks, particularly China and Russia.

    另外一個 G7 被批評的,是它不願讓其他主要國家加入討論 -- 特別是中國與俄國。

  • This has caused many to question their overall effectiveness or relevance.


  • Because member countries represent only 10.5% of the world’s population, some view G7 politicians as an elite minority governing an underrepresented majority.

    由於會員國只佔世界人口的 10.5%,許多人視 G7 的政治家為「無法代表多數」的少數菁英。

  • Nations like India and Brazil have even surpassed some G7 members in GDP, yet still have not been able to join.

    印度與巴西的 GDP 甚至超過一些 G7 會員國的 GDP,但仍無法加入。

  • And the opposition has become quite vocal, including Brazil’s former president who in 2008 remarked thatthe G8 doesn’t have any more reason to exist”.

    因此反對聲浪也越來越明顯 -- 巴西前總統在 2008 年曾說:「G8 沒有存在的意義。」

  • So how powerful is the G7? Well, despite their superpower roster, their effectiveness as an organization remains unclear.

    所以 G7 到底影響力有多大呢?這個嘛,僅管有強大的會員名冊,它的組織效用仍不明確。

  • Their use of vaguecommitmentsand the lack of representation makes it questionable whether the organization can effect any real change,


  • but they have been able to support democracy throughout the world through financial aid and the use of sanctions.


  • One could argue that the G7's true power lies in the super power’s potential for affecting significant global progress, should they choose to exercise it.

    有人可能會說,G7 真正的力量在它們有潛力(若他們選擇發揮的話),影響重大世界發展。

  • The U.N. may be a huge organization with just about every country on the planet as a member, but are they really that powerful?


  • Check out our video here to learn all about it.


  • The U.N. has a coalition of 193 nations. If all of those nations were to work together militarily, they would collectively wield incredible power.

    聯合國合計有 193 個國家。若所有國家展開軍事合作,加起來有極大的權力

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In June, seven of the world’s most influential government leaders met in Germany for the 2015 G7 summit.

今年六月,世界上最具影響力的七個國家領導人在德國參與 2015 年 G7 高峰會。


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