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  • Hello Food Tuber's. Today I have a stonkin little

  • recipe for you. It is my family traditional

  • Irish Seafood Chowder. It is totally heartwarming, comforting,

  • delicious. This soup was one of my favorite recipes my mom used to make when I was

  • growing up. It is total comfort food, and it's a great family little dish.

  • Very easy to make. So it starts off by chopping up some onions to give us a

  • really great base flavour.

  • To start this off, I'm going to sweat down these onions with a good bit of

  • Irish salted butter. So get that straight into a pot,

  • a nice bit hearty pot, this is a kind of soupy, stewy, chowdery thing so we want to give something

  • that's scrumptious and delicious,

  • delicious and comforting, and all that wonderful things. So onion goes straight in with all that wonderful

  • butter.

  • Just add a tiny touch of salt in there to bring out the moisture in the onions, and it will

  • give you a wonderful sweetness to those onions. Really special and a great start

  • to the base of this soup.

  • Once that onion is nice and soft get in some smoked streaky bacon,

  • and a little bit of thyme.

  • Now while that bacon is cooking out, I'm just going to chop up

  • some potatoes. So peel them up and chop them into a nice kind of fine dice.

  • Typically you're looking for waxy potatoes or potato that's gonna hold its

  • shape when it cooks out in a chowder like this.

  • Now that I have all my potatoes beautifully chopped up, come right over here and check this

  • out because in the

  • bottom of this pan lies the secret of a truly good chowder.

  • All those little brown bits that have caramelized at the base of

  • the pan that is where all the flavours gonna come from. So make sure you get

  • that.

  • Once you have it, add in those potatoes straight in on top. Give them a little bit

  • of a stir, and come and get excited with all the other flavours that are in there.

  • Make them flavour friends. Give it a quick stir and just toss.

  • At this point now, when you have your potatoes covered in all that wonderful flavours,

  • and saltiness from the bacon, it's time to cook out the potatoes. To do that,

  • I have about a litre of fish stock going in here. If you don't want to use fish stock here you

  • can

  • of course use vegetable stock, and it's a great little alternative.

  • For an extra aromatic dimension add in a bay leaf.

  • Bring all that liquid up to the boil and potatoes are now gonna cook

  • just until they're tender when you pierce them with a fork. So it's about twelve minutes or so.

  • Whilst those potatoes are cooking away just grab a tiny touch of sea salt and black pepper

  • and season it up. To give wonderful richness to the soup, once the potatoes are

  • nice and cooked, add some cream in here and turn down the heat and just

  • trickle this through. It turns this very kind of simple little soup

  • into something rich and indulgent. Now the fish I'm using today, and it's totally up to you

  • what you use

  • I'm using some smoked un-dyed haddock, and it really adds some

  • great intense smoky flavour to your chowder.

  • I've also got some cod and some salmon, but it's really up to you

  • whatever fish you want to use in here. So I'm going to start off by adding in my mussels.

  • Give them a quick stir through and then just

  • over-the-top get all that wonderful fish in there as well.

  • At this point now, once the fish is in there don't be tempted to stir it around

  • too much.

  • Just get them in straight on and let it cook for a few minutes. Just until the fish is nice and firm.

  • My fish has had it's time to cook and now it's time

  • for the big seafood chowder reveal. So bring it over,

  • open it up,

  • look at that! Steamy, fishy goodness!

  • You've gotta try this recipe. This is a real

  • real winner and now I can't resit but to jump in there,

  • and taste it, because it has the most beautiful smoky smell wafting around the

  • kitchen right now.

  • And it totally delivers.

  • Creamy, salty, sweet and really rich.

  • I want you to give this a go, but if you are looking for the recipe it is in the box

  • below.

  • There is lots and lots of brilliant recipes right here

  • on Food Tube. So, of course I know that you're going to check them out.

  • And of course subscribe to the channel. If you want to check out more of my beautiful

  • Irish recipes and also wonderful recipes as well, click subscribe to my channel as well.

  • We'll see you soon guys.

Hello Food Tuber's. Today I have a stonkin little


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