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  • Hello, my name is Samuel Harvell and I'm a fitness trainer and running coach. Today I

  • want to talk with you about how to start a running program if you are a beginning runner.

  • One of the first things you want to do is make sure you have a really good pair of running

  • shoes and I suggest you talk to a running specialist at a specialty running store so

  • that person can help fit you with the proper shoe. Now if you are just starting out, you

  • have no experience in terms of knowing how to run or how long to run. My suggestion to

  • you is that you start off with maybe say twenty minutes of easy, slow, jogging every other

  • day. So you would start off on a Monday with twenty minutes of easy jogging. Tuesday would

  • be an off day. Another twenty minutes of easy jogging on Wednesday. Thursday is an off day.

  • Run on Friday. Saturday is an off day and then Sunday run twenty minutes, maybe twenty-five

  • minutes on Sunday. Now this is a program you want to keep up say for maybe three weeks

  • and then start gradually increasing your time maybe say three to four minutes per run when

  • you are running every other day. So once you get to your fourth week, you may start running

  • say twenty-four minutes every other day. Now as you start to continue with your running

  • program, you want to integrate other aspects of training such as maybe some weight training,

  • maybe getting in some interval training on the trike, it depends on what you're training

  • for. But if you're just starting out, you're a total beginner and you want to learn how

  • to get into a regular running program, my suggestion is that you start with at least

  • twenty minutes every other day and then gradually increase the amount of time that you are running

  • as you feel more comfortable. If you would like to learn more how to start a running

  • program as a beginner, please contact me at That's H A R V

  • E L L fitness

Hello, my name is Samuel Harvell and I'm a fitness trainer and running coach. Today I


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跑步與訓練技巧:初學者如何開始跑步? (Running & Training Techniques : How to Start Running for Beginners)

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