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  • Welcome to the Grandpa’s bananas company. I know you are interesting in our bananas.

  • Please sit.

  • Can you introduce your bananas to us? About species and the producing area

  • Sure, allow me to introduce our products. As you know, we are the only company in the world that cultivate banana in the South Pole.

  • And we called itCobana”, we research this new species for 10 years, and we finally create it last year. Because Cobana grows up in the South Pole, it has a particular taste you have never eaten before.

  • Oh? Really?

  • We also prepare some Cobana sample today, you can try it

  • Ohhhhh, It tastes really special; I had never had a banana which is full of water, it is as juicy as a peach.

  • Also it is sweeter than peach! I think it would fit for making juice.

  • I’m glad you like Cobana, and it can harvest in four seasons, this is the biggest advantage.

  • Ok, I would take your banana into account, next week we will call you, and then we will discuss about the price and contract.

  • May I have the honor to know what is your company’s name?

  • No!

  • Excuse me?

  • It is better for you not to know so much.

  • Meet us at Tatung university 尚志大樓 classroom 807 next Sunday, noon.

  • Okay……

  • Who are they, some kinds of freak?

  • You got me.

  • Good morning.

  • After discussed with our supervisor, we decided to place an order with you.

  • And for your information, our company’s name is the Taipei Juice King.

  • So….. Why can’t you tell us last time?

  • I don’t know, do you?

  • No idea.

  • Yeah me too!

  • What? What?

  • Nothing!

  • Alright…… Now please get back to our business!

  • Oh yes, of course! Because now is the busy season, so 100000 dollars per MT FOB is valid for one week.

  • Our price compare favorably with those offered by other manufacturers either in Europe or anywhere else.

  • Here are our latest price lists. You will see that our prices are very attractive.

  • Why are your price higher than others company? It’s almost 50% higher.

  • Yeah, this is incredible; it’s really hard for us to accept.

  • I’m surprised to hear you say that. Hello, South Pole bananas!!

  • As you know, there has been a strong demand for our bananas and such a demand will certainly lead to increase in price.

  • Our price is more competitive than quotations you can get elsewhere.

  • I don’t think so. I must point out that some of the quotations we have received from other sources are lower than yours.

  • But you must take the quality into consideration. Everyone in this trade knows the Grandpa’s bananas is of superior quality.

  • well…I hope youll give me your best offer.

  • I’ll try my best. And don’t forget our bananas were grown in the South Pole!

  • Okay…I won’t forget! Alright? If your prices are good and I can get the commission I want, I can place the order with you right away.

  • And when can we get your company’s firm offer?

  • Oh, great! We’d also like to know your sales terms, including mode of payment, discount and possible date of delivery.

  • OK. Here is our bananas sales literature. Printed in South Pole!

  • As you can see, we deliver our orders within 1 month after receipt of relevant L/C.

  • Believe me. Grandpa’s bananas Company has the most quickly efficiency in the world!

  • And the most favorable price and quality.

  • Oh…I seeBut just let us read through your company’s sales literature.

  • Does your company take special orders? We always have special orders in our Company.

  • Oh, that’s true. Our company has many special orders. Can you make machines according to the specific requirements from clients?

  • Yes. Of course we can. And we are willing to make special orders to the specific requirements from customers.

  • But it takes longer for special orders. Maybe we will deliver our orders within 3 months.

  • OK. I think it’s great.

Welcome to the Grandpa’s bananas company. I know you are interesting in our bananas.


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