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Hello, my name is Emilia.
In this clip, I'd like to give you some advice on preparing for the listening test to the Cambridge English exam.
Here are some things you should do.
DOs. Listen to and read the instructions to understand what you have to do.
Use the preparation time before each recording is played to read through the question and think about the topic, speakies, and contexts.
Remember the information on the page follows the order of the information in the recording.
Copy your answers carefully onto the answer sheet when you are told to do so at the end of the test.
Check that you have followed the numbering correctly.
And here's a list of thing you shouldn't do.
DON'Ts. Don't worry if you miss a question,
Continue with the next question, and listen again for the missing information when you hear the recording for the second time.
Everything is played twice.
Don't panic if you don't understand everything in the text, you probably don't need to.
Don't use a pen, you must use a pencil.
Don't leave a blank space on the answersheet, if you're not sure, guess.
There are many other activities that you can do regularly to prepare for any Cambrige English listening test.
For example, you can watch films and TV in English.
Listen to English radio or podcasts, skype with English speaking friends.
And of course, watch Cambridge English TV on YouTube.
I hope you found these tips useful, thank you for watching.


【英聽技巧】增加英聽技巧小撇步大公開 English Language Learning Tips - Listening Test Skills

4962 分類 收藏
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