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  • The problem now is really not hunters.

  • The laws are adequate on that score.

  • But these invisible killers, these pesticides and pollutants,

  • are poisoning the fish they eat, the water they drink,

  • the air they soar through.

  • it, s not easy protecting them, but we must.

  • We have no choice.

  • There are only 700 nesting pairs in the lower 48 states.

  • in all, just 2,000 American bald eagles.

  • That, s all that remain.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, they must be saved.

  • Thank you.

  • Oh, shit.

  • If there are any questions, Dr. Porter will be more than delighted to answer them.

  • Yes? i was reading that-

  • i understand they have a dramatic way of making love.

  • Oh, shit.

  • Uh, mating.

  • Mating. Right. Yes.

  • Uh, f rst they chase each other,

  • uh, circling, dipping, twisting, screaming.

  • Testing.

  • And then?

  • Then they come together, their talons locking.

  • inseparable?

  • For a short, very happy time, yes.

  • can they fly that way?

  • No, not together.

  • They begin to fall, plunging and tumbling, down and down.

  • It sounds dangerous. But thrilling.

  • Huh? Wha - Yes. And then?

  • Then when they, re very near the ground,

  • About to be smashed?

  • they separate, open their wings...

  • and soar on the air currents.

  • - Alone? - Each alone. That's the only way they can fly.

  • And that's all there is?

  • Unless they do it again.

  • Uh, yes?

  • What are you doing here, huh?

  • What's so funny? I got a paper to run. Remember?

  • This what you call keeping your word about not coming to the lecture?

  • Huh? Howard.

  • Don't "Howard" me, all right? Whose side are you on, huh?

  • I'm over you completely, by the way.

  • Me too- over you.

  • Totally.

  • Entirely.

The problem now is really not hunters.


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大陸鴻溝(8/9)電影剪輯--老鷹的交配模式(1981年)HD (Continental Divide (8/9) Movie CLIP - The Mating Pattern of Eagles (1981) HD)

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