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  • Well, except for that. Cause you'd just be like boop.


  • Hello!

  • I'm Whitney Avalon, I created Princess Rap Battles, and I played Snow White.

    我是 Whitney Avalon,我製作了公主饒舌擂台系列,同時也出演了白雪公主

  • I was working on a comedy rap from my perspective, and there was a line about how pale I am.


  • What if it's actually Snow White rapping? And it all just came from there.


  • I'm Steve Gossett, one of the creators of Princess Rap Battles.

    我是 Steve Gossett,公主饒舌擂台的製作人之一

  • I love the idea of princesses as bad-asses.


  • I wanted it to be a clash of ideologies.


  • We like the idea of the old-school princesses versus the new school.


  • I really wanted Snow White to have the more traditional princesses on her team, so I put


  • Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Cinderella. And for Elsa, I wanted to have more modern


  • princesses on her team, so I backed her with Tiana and Merida.

    所以我讓 Tiana (公主與青蛙) 和 Merida (勇敢傳說) 加入她的隊伍

  • - Katja was a bad-ass Elsa. - Katja Glieson not only looks exactly like

    - Katja Glieson 把艾莎演得超嗆。 - 她不只長得像艾莎

  • Elsa, but has some serious swagger.


  • It takes a lot of people to make a rap battle


  • like this and we couldn't do it without the talented people running camera, lights, sound,


  • - wardrobe, hair and make-up. - We work really hard, but we also have a really fun time.

    - 我們很難完成。- 我們很努力工作,但也玩得很開心

  • Even more, rotate the other way. All right, it got really weird, put it back where you had it.


  • The bird. I think we got that bird for like two bucks on Amazon.

    那隻鳥,我們大概花了兩塊美金在 Amazon 上買了那隻鳥

  • It really did become like a mascot. It was on the camera. The crew was holding it.


  • I had Whitney throw the bird away because I though it was a great idea for Snow White,

    我叫 Whitney 把那隻鳥丟出去因為我覺得讓白雪公主

  • who loves these animals, to be mean to one. So we had a little chirp underneath it.


  • Hey, you like bears?


  • - Do speedbag. - I don't know how to do that! - You're doing it! Brittany's got it. Speedbag. - Oh, angry?

    - 做個拳擊動作。- 我不會做!- 你現在就在做了,Brittany 做得很好,拳擊。- 喔,生氣的那種?

  • For the end of the video, we wanted to have a big finish.


  • What started out as footage of Katja holding nothing in her hand and me just standing still

    本來是 Katja 雙手空空的在那,而我站著不動的鏡頭

  • was turned into this magical moment by our visual FX artist Brant Duncan of the Duncan Brothers.

    經過 Duncan 兄弟的特效師 Brant Duncan 製作後,變成這個超酷的畫面

  • This is my favorite.


  • The beauty of YouTube is, you guys get to tell us right away what you think about them

    YouTube 的好處在於,你們可以馬上回饋你們對影片的想法給我們

  • - and what you want to see next. - We read all the comments and we love hearing

    - 還有你們之後想看的東西。 - 我們會看所有的留言

  • who you would like to see in future battles or who you think won.


  • - Thank you for watching it! - Keep commenting and we'll keep making videos.

    - 謝謝你們的收看! - 請繼續留言建議,我們也會繼續製作好的作品

  • Cut! That's pretty good.


Well, except for that. Cause you'd just be like boop.



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