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  • Action RPG is a term very loosely used to describe many different types of games, from

  • The Secret of Mana and Star Ocean to Dark Souls and Borderlands, of which I think we

  • can all agree are very different games. Although the phrase is used to express many titles,

  • there are a few that impact the gaming world to such a degree that they become a subset

  • genre unto themself - Diablo is such a game. This tale of bile and brimstone doesn't originate

  • from an era when Diablo's minions walked the Earth. It comes from a time when they roamed

  • one dungeon, beneath one cursed cathedral in the unfortunate town of Tristram, a town

  • with a dreadful tale to tell. The narrative of Diablo loosely plays with theology and

  • Catholicismthere are demons, angels, and influences plucked straight from biblical

  • depictionsbut overall, this is a fantasy world with a fictional credences. Fictions

  • such as strange and demonic occurrences that have been emerging from the treacherous depths

  • of Tristram’s underbelly and the story follows suit, but, from one playthrough to the next,

  • those happenings can vary. For instance, in one playthrough you may face off against the

  • carnage-lusted demon, the Butcher, but in another playthrough you may never encounter

  • the fiend. Instead, you may be attempting to cure Tristram of a tainted water supply.

  • These quests and narrative is displayed through tomes and the different characters found in

  • the bowels of the dungeon or from the topside town’s people of Tristram. Every encounter

  • is fully voiced with a meaningful delivery to bring life to the dreariness of the melancholic

  • atmosphere. It’s a pleasure to place yourself in the

  • lore of Diablo, but before you start the journey to uncover the plight between heaven, hell,

  • and mankind; youre going to need to create a hero. There are three traditional pre-set

  • classes in Diablo: the rogue, the warrior and the sorcerer. Each class is individualized

  • by attribute points, equipment, and a unique ability. For unique abilities, the Warrior

  • can repair their equipment, the rogue can disarms traps, and the sorcerer can recharge

  • magical staves. Beyond the unique ability and the initial stat differences, the classes

  • are pretty much the same. Meaning, any class can learn any spell in the game or equip any

  • piece of gear as long as they have the required attribute points. Most will look at this in

  • one of two ways: the ability to cast any spell or don any piece of gear will most likely

  • leave you feeling like youre very unrestricting or to a certain degree it will make you feel

  • as though it falls into a formula wherein all the created characters are relatively

  • similar to one another. Either way, it didn't stop me from making several different classes

  • to put the combat to the test. The combat in Diablo is very simple, it’s

  • comprised of weapon strikes and casting spells. Really, that’s itit’s brilliant in

  • a minimalistic way, but a wide range of enemies do bring a certain level of complexity to

  • the experience. And that experience continuously rewards you for hacking up the Hell spawn

  • to send them plummeting back to the fires of perdition from once they came. The time

  • spent exploring the randomly generated maps and dispatching demons is when the character

  • progression will be achieved through leveling up, allocating stat points and equipping new

  • gear. The allure of becoming an increasingly more powerful demon slayer creates an almost

  • narcotic-inducing compulsion to rid the realm of Sanctuary from the unrelenting forces of

  • the Lord of Terror. Diablo still holds endearing relevance to

  • gaming even though it comes from a different time – a time when it was more of a dungeon

  • crawler, less of a loot hunt, but definitively an unquestionable dark medieval fantasy experience

  • with atmosphere and music to match. Diablo’s ensemblefrom presentation, lore and atmosphere

  • to progression, combat and addictive gameplaymakes this one of the greatest games of

  • all time. An aspect made indelible by the fact that Diablo is a game not defined by

  • genre; instead, it’s a game that created one.

Action RPG is a term very loosely used to describe many different types of games, from


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