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If you take in your pasta in the water, and put it directly on the plate, and then put in your sauce right on top of the pasta, then you're doing it all wrong.
Most people are inclined to dump all of the water in the pasta in the colander in the sink.
Don't throw away the starching water. You gonna want to save that water cuz this gonna come handed later.
Reaching out the cold water is also wrong. It gets rid of all the starch.
And you need the starch because it's gonna give you a silky mouth feel.
I see so many people cook their pasta, put in the colander, and then they start to work on their sauce.
And then the pasta gets cold and sticky.
Don't dump tha sauce on top of the sticky pasta on the plate. That's just wrong.
Now I'm gonna show you the right way to sauce your pasta.
Take the hot pasta out of the pasta water, and put it inside the pot with the hot sauce.
And then when we cook it together like a minute, that way the pasta can absorb some of the sauce.
And it just can become a great tasting stew together.
Now you didn't dump the pasta water down the sink. We still have a little bit starchy water.
And we gonna add some of that water to the sauce to help make it that shiny yummy flavor.
After the pasta and the sauce are cooked together for like a minute, we're gonna turn the heat off.
And we gonna finish a little bit of butter, a little bit of olive oil, a little bit of cheese.
And so this kind is call "Manticali", which means to cream or to make really smooth.
If you gonna add fresh herbs, it's always best to put them at the end.
And mix it inside the pasta, instead of sprinkling on top.
If you done all these things right, you got a great plate of pasta.


你全做錯了!義大利麵醬汁的使用方法 You're Doing It All Wrong - How to Sauce Pasta

13764 分類 收藏
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