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Hello, My name is Jessica.
Today, we are talking about Dos and Don'ts for the Cambridge English Advance Speaking Test.
Also known as CA.
As always, preparation is key.
If you attend English lessons, make sure you get plenty of speaking practice in class.
Participating in groups and pair activities.
This will help you interact effectively in the test.
With your partner, by initiating discussion and responding to their questions and statements.
And with your interlocutor who ask questions and give instructions
So let's move on to what you should do in the speaking test
The Dos, and what you shouldn't do, the Don'ts for the Cambridge Advance Speaking Test.
Here are the Dos
Show that you can communicate effectively
Give full and extended responces
Raise the level of your language above the mundane.
Listen carefully to what the examiner has asked you to do and to what you partners says.
Remenber the instruction and focus on the task set
Involve your partner in conversation and create opportunity for them to speak.
Also, listen to what they say and react to their opinions and statements.
Now for the Don'ts
Don't panic if you can't remenber or don't know a particular word
Just keep going and paraphrase instead
Don't merely describe the visuals
Don't speak during you partner's long term
Don't let your partner always take the lead
You also must initiate at times.
Don't wast your opportunity to show the examiner what you can do
Don't speak too queitly. Remenber the examnier need to hear what you are saying
You should be equiped with the right kind of language
For example, giving personal information
Exchanging information and opinions, giving reasons, speculating.
Agreeing and Disagreeing politely. Justify opinions and negotiating
This will ensure you are in good position to show the examiner what you are capable of
Thankyou for watching


劍橋進階英文口試技巧 English Language Learning Tips - Speaking Test Advanced

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