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  • So youve got a stable of characters for whomrunning really really fastis their

  • primary attribute. Swell. Putem in a spate of platformers that helped define the 16-bit

  • era. As it’s been seen, judging from Sonic The Fighters and other failed attempts at

  • spinoff games, that’s where they belong and that’s where they should stay. (Unless

  • there’s pinball happening, that’s apparently perfectly fine.) But when the Saturn hit,

  • Sega needed to parade their shiny blue hedgehog around wherever anyone could see it, and if

  • that means making an utterly deplorable racing game, well, so be it. After all, it just MAKES


  • Or it would, if the game was just about racing. Weve seen racing done well in Sonic before,

  • in the versus mode of Sonic 3. Just take the platforming that made the series playable

  • in the first place, put two characters head to head to get from point A to point B, BAM.

  • Youve got the answer. Instead, Sonic R uses low-poly characters running through terrifyingly

  • convoluted tracks, which compensate for their poor design by mercifully presenting you with

  • only... five. Five tracks in the entire game, one of which is locked. And four racers, Dr.

  • Robotonic (who’s locked until you beat the game), and four more hidden characters (locked

  • until you collect the five Sonic coins in each track and then get third or better in

  • the race). That’s right, it’s a racing collectathon, just like Diddy and Banjo’s

  • Theoretical Kart Frustration Solution. It wouldn’t be bad if you could scout out and

  • explore a track outside of the context of a race, so you could figure out your line

  • and actually stand a chance. That is, if the controls deign to allow you your intended

  • direction. But the time trial mode doesn’t have rings or emblems or anything to help

  • you figure this crap out. And don’t get me started about trying to find Chaos Emeralds

  • in each track, or the doors that only open if youve collected enough rings, and that

  • you can’t learn in time trials anyway. Heck, even Mega Man Battle & Chase knew where to

  • tone it down. That was mostly a control issue. This game WISHES it was just a control issue.

  • And then the soundtrack. Heck, even Sonic the Fighters kinda got a pass on the back

  • of a decent musical score, but playing this game I just kinda feel embarrassed for whoever

  • they got to sing these clunkers. I’ve had quesadillas less cheesy than these lyrics.

  • This is another one of those games sharing the title ofgemswith Sonic CD, which

  • is kinda laughable. Just stick to your Sonic 3 versus mode and leave this one be, else

  • youll get... um, honestly, I don’t even know what just happened there. Except that

  • Amy seems to be stuck in a wall. Oh well, at least she’s not shoutingHI I’M

  • AMY!!!” every eight seconds. Then she’d have to get into a deathmatch with the background

  • vocalist and... well, maybe the world WOULD be a better place.

So youve got a stable of characters for whomrunning really really fastis their


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CGRundertow SONIC R for Sega Saturn電子遊戲評測 (CGRundertow SONIC R for Sega Saturn Video Game Review)

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