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  • -I'm Aaron Sams and I teach science

  • here at Woodland Park High School.

  • My ultimate goal, I guess, as a teacher is to help

  • students become learners who can learn

  • for themselves and by themselves.

  • One of the problems that I was guilty of,

  • even prior to flipping my classroom around,

  • was the classroom was centered around me.

  • I told them exactly what to learn, how to learn it,

  • what assignments to do to learn it, and when to learn it,

  • and how to prove to me that they learned it.

  • I don't do that anymore.

  • We changed the place in which content is delivered.

  • Instead of standing in front of a class

  • and delivering-- here's how you do this type of problem,

  • here's how this worked-- I deliver

  • that direct instruction now asynchronously

  • at home through these videos that we

  • make with Camtasia Studio.

  • -Times [? till ?] whole.

  • -Oh, we didn't do that last time.

  • -Because the last step, they were already whole numbers.

  • We had one, one, and four.

  • Here, we don't have a whole number.

  • So here's a few little tricks when

  • you need to multiply by whole numbers.

  • If one of your numbers ends in 0.5,

  • you're going to multiply by 2.

  • -All right, something-0.5 times it by two.

  • Write this down, guys.

  • -If something ends in 0.33 or 0.66, you multiply by 3.

  • And when the kids come to class, they don't show up

  • to learn new stuff, they show up to apply the things that they

  • learn at home and to ask me questions

  • about the things they learned at home.

  • So now they can have my lesson, if you will.

  • What I would normally have stood up

  • and lectured to them in class with some added features,

  • they get that at home.

  • And then what they were expected to do for homework

  • is now what they do in my class.

  • Life is different for me, because I no longer

  • am the guy who stands up in the front of the classroom

  • and just yaks at a student for an hour

  • or however long the class is.

  • Now, I walk around the class and I help kids.

  • I'm a tutor, I'm a guide, I'm the putter-outer

  • of fires, whatever it happens to be in my crazy chemistry class.

  • I walk around and do that, I don't stand up front and teach

  • under the traditional model.

  • I'm Aaron Sams.

  • I'm a teacher.

  • I'm a dad.

  • I'm a husband.

  • And I love Camtasia Studio.



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翻轉課堂和視頻作為家庭作業 (Flipped Classrooms and Video as Homework)

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