B1 中級 美國腔 6356 分類 收藏
accepted a seattle
guy came out last night he contacted me about it
i was like wow
the world's like third best be realistic by that
pollen speck in the event give like five minutes enough
click on one ear
wasn't too much time but i reschedule
trades bosnia form
verify problems a second spot now it's day two
in the days has been sick stuff for you guys rules third respirator
it's the perfect time to thank you for growth
about christ on r_k_ wetlands stop him
i'm and that he could have never been to land at the full and isle of miami like
you wouldn't believe like miami
like that
how'd she loved the place that is a great friend thanki system i mean they
have a great itemize
type another maddy and i wouldn't want to undercut convention's going on
i was pretty sure the mostly people it's an update
of would not to tell you anything for people that actually on the twenty one
so i thought part of a whole bunch of stuff target specific if you got it
but first i would check how many via absolutely wanted to over twenty one
there is no allow also hotpot codes that this is one of the things he does every
life is about hopes the patient
and this is something a lot of people make mistakes mindset and they don't
take the time to go to work out what they did
and modified actually sat down or broke a whole bunch of new material
specifically under twenty one
border along here in front of a reserve right anyway
you got to play out of the things that
how many of you guys if you have before game we're going out to bars have one
flatly acting as well
once you got to be on confirm that actually no candida motive
the united states most of you on on on the twenty one very interesting okay
with momentary
right behind you
absolutely he asked me how i got into the game it's not like what
what process
i went through so i'm going to be a bit different reduction might hit a guy
fluid my journey back or started unfunded of stock in the middle
i don't know what level you guys are at but on the way you ought to benefit
society pit
unit you with your just in your first link to the game you can overcome
or whether you know you've been here for a while and i just find it improve
when you about the game became is a very very dangerous hoping to have
it's a very dangerous hope in a number of ways what people spoken about
you can lose your friend you really can't
when you realize your friends but no difference between a mocking and peter
just being paddy and when you
at did you know we put the thing is you got a moderate
is an angle
but adjust articulate a complex hopeful tomorrw
indictment supersonic lots of time to isolate
and it and you can lead to a noble friendship
but there are worse things that happened to you
i don't think outside the pot and
today with hayden
neglect on some seriously things all the speakers
and i came in me as some points of light
who which is just go on
so thought break up a bit off like to be a bit of a story that true story that
happened since last week comic this stuff up
there's a choice of two stories
one of my told all my friends are that we decided that was not want to go with
because it involved
and fifty-five it's true that there isn't even if your report balances that
and there is a different format this time by police from the big more
socially acceptable
bennett a summit club i might my games book full of lumber constable oakley
y_-one a pretty good clothes right
anette six goes in the club containing
actually psych you know what
are likely to be
there's no one here at the kind of level on a take home there's no tendency lol
with anybody
i'm going to go home
so i i don't recall
as i mean the clout straight-up is like a seven point five maybe eight turns out
to start in front of me i'm like excuse me trying to get past that removed by
thoughts before they get
also i think you misunderstood me excuse me
depart jisme over
okay excuse me
and a bright then she sits in front of me
she grabbed my hand puts on her breasts
disliked and his problem wrigley field buddy yet
and i think about it in stock by stock analyzing like all the different methods
went to a state
fuck that i was like
i two three minutes away
amigos like okay to grab my friend
you keeping me
so she grabs ahold frank is like a politics whatever
grabs ahold felony counts so she got her
she was a little bit anyway cinco de frank and three-run i'm not taking it
out of the allxclub right oblivious to the old ones but fate citizenship
awarding of one
when it comes out downstairs dal club i'm leaving a club in the owner of the
public to know if you don't have money to my own inside out
a so we leave get wrapped up
it's the first is all about logistics for health lost contact
without twenty creek which is what forty dollars elects a knit cap right it's
worth it freezer i'd say
pay for the top and were in the top three of us together
and the go stop making out
five nominees goldfarb out
for hall minutes
let's go to make you know i'm like
this is going to happen
this is my threesome
suck to get back to my place not a couple of things that of transpired here
it's on top of our political
anyone but they collect not they looked like makes quite a bit so if that
happens probably drunk whatever according to ups but my phone
soviet sometime sometimes when you make a decision when you know if they came to
be sent home
were you looking for support from ask that you should not have to
so it
so we get getragusa we get back to my get back to my place we start looking at
the law exp
throws off
on my doorstep
i've got one of the hands
i think about it but they're quick calculation colossus pop eighty six of
the government for salt crystals that makes them i think that
we get into the bedroom
i'm in the release thing happens
now this is a warning for those wanting to die
the stuff can happen to you
she says
don't be a pussy might and thinking ahead
winters low value mail peoples have to rico like hurt
no i'm not i'm not going to do it did not take a break
and she does you're a person
surprises me in the paper okay let me know when in fact
theory appetite protected by state friday between passed in the face
something to down power bob dole queue thrown up in the program
legislate with you can talk about our client original tommorow fronts are
hands down the which compost leaves the genius like it
it was not why was the least on it but it was not notice in the hands of the
orc deployed
add sitting down
i'm taking up from behind
analogous websites for the whole thing together but within the us anything
about what times except for that
what they did say stuff about responding to our faqs
it doesn't work we are pretty there and try to get it done within two minutes is
that ages
and then what the hell rings
i like this quantity wife
somewhat town affirmative i don't think she spoke on the floor and roosevelt i'm
kind of busy we
state officials of the bright side
cheek if you do not unexpected before sleep
the next time
wake up in the morning
the bill gets options congressional reunites body to funeral africa
interdiction ngos
that tongue in my name
you know i can't do that
uh... but i think i like to know and i
but that's tough skin stuff happening endfield now
they were going to happen in the field behind get beaten up
for you guys to learn this stuff
the good news for you and i think a lot of the lion
but person scary things that but my point is faces you guys on the freedom
of appointees
maybe you don't want anything
that's that
innovative doctor with a third of what you guys up before if it is true story
lifestyles of except back in the back
alright fun
before before we go on
who heeded
we think of themselves as d three
undisputed let me give you some definitions
he does know the difference between a nut batik between
but let me back if you want to check out of the church of copyright
but the way you
if somebody who's a complete no hope but doesn't do anything children tools
doesn't regarding aspirations of try harmful
notice somebody
gets completely absorbed in something
dictate what analyzed every single day ticket when opened one of the
in order to help them achieve something however
it is always in the subject
but will also be have direct financial gain
physics then
again keith
if you keep some of those exactly the same as the nose
except the something that has no financial gain
for example
video games
dungeons and dragons
and gain suck
i think thirty pre-taped
everyone else to come for convention pickup artists
to his starting how to get light
that you can help you
it really isn't
it's not gonna help you get rich alicia planning on coming applicable
this is this is the fact matter
whereas there are sixty or seventy people in this room
myself included i'm proud to be on the gate from each of them
probably anyone else here if you guys are why when you're going to practice
that's the pro forty six remove the lowest number
and you real-world nate
basic fact
that the truth of the matter a fit
you go right
will come here to try and to try and learn new skills
and although it is
six to three p hehe
now babe and stand right
well helped it
absolutely without it
you don't need to systems
you need anything aren't the biggest because i'm sitting in for a life that i
was talking to feel like
and let me break stuff down together right
we're talking about the differences are the break before you analyze and what's
all about
but the truth is there is the way you can do this
without even knowing system
you do not need to do that
not need to
because some people get so geeky at least
they wander around and go over with
unicast goes who has more
other strange retained
they learn magic tricks the stuff you know
can you imagine community portal before you today
this and i can help you get it we have to do to prepare
swimming pools
atop hot
go out there
off those life more vital go
of we have to get the death without them
had if you do that
you will get
any hill
that what you guys would not believe that you think shuts up
you'll be confident
amanda wraps the body one despite fulton difficult to com convention thing going
his old unit back i've learned about relationships and how to get tickets
related confident
i have jagger
here right
daylight there
betty's there is a truth to it you can loan wilkins out if you want
if you want to be a geek like me and like will be out of here i see it
you can get incident out of it
i can tell you some random facts
articulate she breaks amplification
because on that side
i'd like to go to the point and explain to you
what we'll take you to how it works
the health of michael calibrate
every single individual piece of qualification
but what do you want that
i think the sky divers these guys that are in that case naked and consequently
of recovery from make somebody qualify themselves
and the power to you can use to filippo
they reflect in late the
but doesn't
need any of that anyone here this on the twenty one in when he was at young age
uh... becoming
now is like it's a great time to do to make a point of saying hello carefully
don't have to
so i'm going to come in and tell you three quality
this isn't a three part mortal this is just a fact
but they're free qualities that natural style
if you'd like to emulate these frequencies
i promise you
the success rate go up
you will probably not be exposing angelina jolie next to it
it's not that good
but it will make you unnatural
this is a very simple system
but will make your natural
with practical effect if it wasn't easy
whether everyone do it
that is that for the pics beneath you could play
but if it is missing dot final four
reading specific line for craig routines that
that the columns rap to creating these three parts to life
and shouldn't happen
i've got this first fucking every single plugin natural
sits on my girlfriend i've lost here and all
every single one has these qualities i can analyze it she did
ajit you what what what you can comment to site looking at it
and every not further than that
as the thing
so whopping
you'd be right against the conference
it bloody well aids
me confidence
if you don't have confidence
you have no hope
looks to me
need abundance
winning in your life
going out stalking with groups and guys in clubs
relieved with
when foregoing
toda a kid you know i went out but at
i've been down started for bridal proper role
duncan fought with me every five to ten go signal dot com
it's a very strict will by half
if you've hello people where where id before when it first came out with new
just said in a moment
that's impossible
when creating a short video footage myself out one hundred twenty women
the came out with me it's very very easy
if you're good you know we doing most people on target
i'm mike if you want to bring in gold wash lightly colony
joining on my girl's deadline
branagh in animal trade
is exclaimed what took a moment of factual yes
so soccer development we've got to come from those with mother the father
unelectable that you know artist when it comes to working with the we are govern
ghost pathology
i'm not whenever he got his way to learn from you byob
christians off the top ask why things are fine
if you can bring out five thing goes
it shows me one of the pieces in place
on that one might along
australia finish the rest of the game
and you to complete it
but most college struggle just at the spot them
abundance is incredibly poor apart update us on our aware sergeant with us
from the right on time
mcgovern retirement friend over reform just hang out
and he's all police conduct coming to an
and he's a great life so i don't think so and every one of them i think
if israel it would probly will have very became the year of study he's you've got
kind of level
identify kentucky where slack with my first name
you can be very difficult because money because we have
start but i would be needed in amazing
making making a point pulling out
so uh...
not other but it was that
here's a short go away
has use quite
friendly chutti
going around the u_s_ opening set
reading very good naphthalene u_n_
and difficult we hoping that
but when we think the problem might be
uh... i haven't
it might be for me to do with the plastic piece you have something to it
i kid you not he had a plastic penis
i wasn t cooking
penis behind you here
problem was fun i think here
yours every time we go full tuition light looks off to the left
a but and this is this is a serious problem and he wonders why
most of what happened
almost one year ago
and use it had reporting out we'll probably find it
from he watched all like to make sure that the pain from heading in
would help him
beat and i thought what
then argument
for if you have good gaming of the penis and had you could probably be a natural
but probably the best way of doing it
set abundance you've got to have goals you like it will be seen coming out of
jiangxi four dudes walking o'clock we think that thinking
all this for quite a bit much of a couple quite like by themselves jap
themselves not socialize with women
did a little bit wives at home they're coming up for life out of no intention
of pulling anyone
i think those four point out on the ball
which one point
most expert
that's what they think it
you look off to a club
on your own
we tane women behind you
ten women
you think there's a single postman at club
doesn't look even thing
when you are putting in the morn all with you all
every delegate you can give you some ugly why they wanted you must be stopped
how easy is that abundance
threatened by proper quality and the third
the ability to sexually explicit
let's talk about these qualities imagine we only have two any point i'll show you
the different ought to pass it
we have the person who hides
and he has competence
fate doesn't have the ability to sexually exploit
it's interesting that some parts of the campuses
forgot the female friends i can't do anything about it
they don't like me
the so-called review because you never successfully
you never told them you like them
and it's going on so long but now they don't we were in the friendship
see if somebody goes in your life you're confident bubble yugoslav you i think he
they're talking about amongst themselves eleven county great
personal property start
that's why intersection escalating
estimate what would you
their female
expected the london there was disappointed if you don't
aren't economically affirmatively
let's remove
but remove abundance in this case
and the ability to sexy escalate
support right there
our committee very conscious uh... largest haha
our speed their like
like plants
and that doesn't one
it doesn't work because they don't look for you and think
you're hitting on me
and you've gotten all the women around you
i know why
and none of the others want to talk to you
so that doesn't work
what you have to be sexiest plate abundant
we don't have confidence
well in this situation
you've got a whole bunch of female friend
when you came along and take the sexiest thing
feet above
scum verbal the frame
that take up the problems of the week one yeah
below that would be beautiful building complex and that there are three types
of buys the really did you get
but one of the problem
and to may be prepared to go free problems that will duoc ro dinner
for level seven character
look in a message michael warmer now
hooked up with the simple fact of the batteries
if you can develop these frequencies
you will get laid
who's competent and surrounded by lots of women with a buddy sexist plate
funky like
obviously cant
obviously darren
so how do you guys go about getting
on their focus on teaching these three things
but this is one of them if you go i don't go out there and do it
if you just listen to me
is pointless
you may as well toward a warcraft mentioned
and that sort of hard to pinpoint
that's there you can get more of that
if we don't start running down any notes upon some very nice and few his amused
his convention i thank them
another front so you guys anything
reno interested i much prefer to help you guys get good
if i'm very lucky the computer work with a very good at what they do
because when i get my hair if you got free stuff
if you go i think the puede training dot com
forward slash under twenty one
butts gml
there's a whole bunch of free stuff especially from here the convention
that little free
asset if your training that set up for you guys the guys in the boot camps for
the moment
he weight training dot com
ford slash under twenty one
dot html
you guys go that
they should all my stuff doesn't want to tell you what the next forty-eight hours
but it should be done
unethical if you'd like to hold on just a material they'll be a lot of notes
about stuff i know we talk about some other stuff just ruin that just you guys
to have
if you'd like to introduce a five-day
into at seven dot com and you can see autocrat about me
slovonia unlawful
it's not a stop at least three quality as folk rock how you can have one of the
best of my confidence
the good news with confidence
is as a whole bunch of hypnosis cds combined
and only like seven hundred dollars whatever
i'd watch them unable guaranteed to get you a feel fear of the approach
that we've met
let's take it back to normal situation i'd like to try to keep things that
just go back to normal i think that the last time he was very confident
yuan have influence that moment is to try it
on the wrong side of road which is the right side of the race party five
if the bungled excitatory especially some blacks are cut you off the we're
not going to get along side are not
guns are not going on in your country panic
soka i dont final on this from scratch packaging or buddy scary
i have confidence issue at this
i'm not for a comparable doing it
did i do remember the first time you have to drive
yes good
break your hand if you didn't completely crap herself the first time he started
to come
that a couple people you guys it's if u
away at the time okay
victory for the if i crack myself up so instead i i remember i was like
assuming that the press statement
acidity is like
there came a dachshund concentrating
against call started yet
obstruct much of a sketch
so why did obviously is because i had to say
of the approach of driving
because i had this weaknesses lack of confidence
was seven hundred both cd
a couple of audio program so much for public seminars on how to remove my
karne factory
obviously i didn't instead white gate
is just did it
because if you work on core fear
the best way definate acted out there
for the cycle of purple with his plastic desensitizing
what that means is robbins is going and doing it you danced with us
because of fear of approaching
stopped talking to shock people
they have to be nice
they don't for get fired
influx of old hot twenty
buckled hot women i mean sixty and eighty
they were hot ones remember what's what
but now no one hits them anymore
finale really friendly approachable
it's the same is selecting cost at first major game with the eighty eight
you know it's the same kind of thing
today talking to them that really friendly
an open-end
and after a while to stop building it down
event you'll be able to get to talk to go
you could be slightly
if you're not doing it
there's nothing out there that can help you nothing i kid you know everything
out there is a clone or scan each pocket money
so they can try send something to me she completely for free
from she works
because it's proven time and time again
but everybody else out there
it's doing it that makes a change
don't be like
i'd like to tell me identifying today i'm so you don't
mix of females
we don't know why i work with time you work twenty four seven don't have
anything to do what
does not endorse time what i'm sayin'
coffee shops
caught attendants
comwork office next door
the local shop we go in the middle of it
your local chieftains gregor available to take incredible
multiple click a palm
yeah a landon
is a good k is very
saturate fractured
but good factory for it
i again i got akan saya kirim
why i haven't lost the set by the suffocate
affected my attitude
might be pretty chocolate cake
if you take it
dot subtlety
competitors so but the point is if you want to doing it
you're going through
some julie stock right into system conventions
next time you both for commission two three four days just don't want to go
for half an hour
and you'll be better
it's probably worth more money even tough paper turned forty eight forty
worth it stop with
stop moving up slowly
and they've been a jockey campaign
and go fifty kilometers north of the last ten go through
noted by you
it's funny you line you learn from mistakes instead is a very good point
you learn things like
the only way to get out of his confidence to do it
cooperative come from competent we don't have any feel but a friend their plight
this weekend as we speak to him skydiving
do you think he took cd of approved things like that together
note he just pay four hundred bucks a week ship whatever skydiving uninformed
unit thirty eight forty so if they get out there than we do have come to the
jury that just put politics visit as a ticket back that she's friend of one of
the prestigious all open her
three lech walesa
they actually being able to highlight
and fire special imitation hook us up like a open invitation that
one of using
but numbers alone if she turned down like one in twenty guys from his senate
and gilliam objected but truthfully
truthfully open every single female like you guys from practicing with fine
and have my governable
and its new chief if you're not practicing for concealed you'd have to
think of every step we have to close them
are decreasing wouldn't you know again today to schedule a everything is t_v_
show the rules of seduction
widely credited with the starbucks on
elected kiddingly discussion the t_v_ show
i was i walk in and i want to focus on account of the page of the new started
i'd like to take the enough out there
andrews for what purpose genius hill
consultative argues that so often i started with the transition
certainly at the truth is that place behind a student
ozark hill which is where starbucks is not drive that off cycle with their
spots of his life
of winter storm watches that
while approach anxiety
pat buchanan
i want a copy
he's also with stops in tectonic aren't the quarterly
corporate invited but they don't do it
two years ago but we love the game if you want to coffee how'd you find
there's one awesome
hip so now we think
now you can also work stopped is because
yes to sleep in them
for may four two people we know everything is opposing i'm not i'm not
one for a bit
and i was watching
going around
just ask you to be with his father
good practice came to talk to people unit transition from there and take your
he skipped and habits walking people approach you're pretty fragile vanished
before that i do a lot of hard precious assets
who are very high pressure sensors is wanted for maxim magazine recently i kid
you know under a single puedes ever have to go through this and this analysis of
what's that
but it was if you google for s dot blessed maxima complained it was the
most hard
thing i've ever had to do
and before their set point many from i was before i've warmer awaited up to
five rambo
i give a compliment and run
not because i think they can hit me because i don't think he would have to
i didn't open them because i want to open them openings like getting some
zone of opening
so i don't really care about half say ok i love the jackets relax a little time
cable operations with her work that's great what
benefits i don't quite know problem five microliter blood anyone
closure to open
anyone can open opening is that you get
is the next big pot
so it was like a hawk approaching forty three five million but that's the easy
the hardest part he stuck to fight for
the harp or pumps in the face
we'd like to be good
free okay
pretty much a couple confident
i'm not kidding
the more you talk to women
the more comfortable and confident you can be talking to him in the aim to
off-shoot group but restless
the national at special
and and you just get used to track him
are hung around for so many
incredibly beautiful wedding
but now i see what incredible beauty ethnic retributive that throughout
that's what it takes
you wake up next in the morning when you've got what they hairy legs
after they've gone
pulled the covers downright whiteboard covers conquered
in chicago and improve
and stinky
that's what i like and to kill me he's going to go and i think it's amazing to
different flowers make himself look pretty gorgeous
so the glide doesn't he said oh you're so amazing
of course is not a clinton she was waiting to see how in the morning when
she looks like crap
cassie's happy without being an amazing and beautiful to set up right now i am i
bought it
have and i think the brain
self-similar lower high-value
or high self-esteem by letting you know
the shashank like crap
when he works because it shows that you understand it goes on super attractive
get it ninety
what over he wanted to know that if she can get ninety do you feel awful
that's really what you want
point com around i'd like to go
before a local reasons according to a physical teacher as well
five point of these are quicker
that work for me
to provide lies in this movie
so badly when you're talking to me stop realizing you start to a lot different
things about them
whom here
darker go frazier like talk about that
hispanics will africa might not want the right thing okay
did you know every
and did you know
when they sweat think
just because they barca
they could get the dot wait they can't have hair like everybody
reelect blown before well
overt level
relative favorite flavor
tho supports that never interviewed at the point is people with the issues that
most belongs a fake bombs
they have the right hand every so often they get were spanning look like stocks
every so often you and a productive my head up
it takes the fifth actually
those are the head
anyone here
i have slapped with a girl
washington headlight
and you know what i had like check the street
apprenticeship following up on a first round thought that was funny book
beijing p alan himself
the point is they've all got their different antibodies a whole headlong
more plan
it sit next to the point of this story
yet at the point is
it goes all perfect when you realize that did not appreciate prevail
the dislike off
that usually love because we told the great if he's going to be accepted for
exactly who they are without any areas will be told that amazing
and that's it
so once you go back to the confidence bound useful things women who use to
meet him
anthropogenic point
this is the one puedes myself
actively started regime
actually goes i don't think they can't keep up the second okay
i wanted to put them down
into loss
you haven't number close
sixty yo
and while people keep handout article everybody i think smell
polemics futility his group in the room where you get it
so the truth is you've got at least sixty phone number
okay up
i'm not going to make you guys for quite a level of skill i think the very honest
with yourself
how many of those girls
you feel
think about it
or noelle pugh ends
they call it plays out
with a tool
pin number
just sporting fun
eventually becomes one of those numbers of
a falcon goes for now with my phone
how many things pick up a coupon
that question
it doesn't matter
how many numbers of cotton
form as is
do they want to talk to you
whose if they don't
okay how many numbers you have
on it happen
at my prime
thousand phone numbers
coming from a ripple responsive
three thousand five hundred
at one point
i'm down to about
six hundred face book contact
that will respond
if you email anything while it goes
on my facebook
affiliate program
not bragging
putting out their coming up a few eight of the electorate
clean up the for free
preferred contact no
project whoever you off the map
recirculated dot
rewrite fifty out this upwards of seven hundred fifty find something
i think that fifty that would most like up most of the government just female
friend might
but will respond
my bonds
when i go back to london
five rightness each with ago and say
i've decided on going clubbing
on this day who wants to come with me
i've seen
over two hundred fifty go on top of the same time
just because on that
occurs when you message that many they will with ten
packaging all my birthday last year
protested this
and i invited
every single going on
my birthday party
my six closest friends
i told i would be wearing of white suit
with a red shirt white flight
and they have to web addresses
rented in afula
i went to dinner
six co
them into my club
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