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  • Let's learn about different types of sentences.

  • Gul, Jojo and Hop are very excited.

  • They come rushing up to Kro wanting to tell him something

  • But they are so excited that they all speak at the same time trying to describe what

  • they had just seen by the pond.

  • Gul says, 'We just saw a strange colourful...'. Jojo interrupts saying

  • 'He had such bright...', Hop joins in saying, Í have

  • never ever

  • Kro tells them to calm down.

  • Kro tells them to complete their sentences so he can understand what they

  • mean.

  • They begin speaking again.

  • Gul says

  • 'We just saw a strange, colourful creature.'

  • Jojo adds 'He had such bright colours on his body.'

  • and Hop says

  • 'I have never ever seen anything like it before.'

  • Kro now understands

  • what they are saying.

  • He tells them he will go with them to try and solve this mystery.

  • But he has one condition.

  • He will be the one to speak to this creature

  • And he will ask questions to find out what it is.

  • They find the strange, colorful thing near..

  • the pond.

  • Kro says,

  • " O colorful creature! We have never seen anything like you."

  • " Can you run faster than Gul?"

  • The creature nods.

  • Then Kro asks,

  • "Can you jump higher than Jojo?"

  • The creature nods again.

  • Finally Kro asks, " Can you swim faster than Hop?"

  • The creature nods and jumps into...

  • the pond

  • and starts swimming away. But look at this...

  • as it swims, its pretty colors wash off and everyone sees that the creature is..

  • Popo!

  • They call him back. Popo explains that he stumbled into a puddle of paint

  • and became all colorful, so, he thought he would fool his friends.

  • "You are a naughty boy", says Hop

  • " I knew it was you."

  • says Gul.

  • "What a waste of time!"

  • says Kro.

  • " You could never fool me." says Jojo

  • "C'mon!"

  • "Pull me out of the water now!" , says Pop

  • This story has given us examples of three different types of sentences.

  • A simple sentence is a statement or an idea.

  • It begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.

  • We just saw a strange

  • colorful creature.

  • A question sentence is a question and asks for information.

  • It begins with a capital letter and ends with a question mark.

  • Are you stronger than Gul?

  • An exclamatory sentence

  • conveys a strong feeling or emotion.

  • It starts with a capital letter and ends with an exclamation mark.

  • You are a naughty boy.

  • is an example of an exclamatory sentence.

  • We will learn more about the sentences..

  • in the next unit.

Let's learn about different types of sentences.


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A2 初級

英語中的句子類型 (Types of Sentences in English)

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