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  • - You guys are (beep) with me, though, right?

  • Like, I don't actually need all this stuff, this is overkill.

  • (upbeat music)

  • - Today we're learning from Michelle Phan.

  • - I've never put on makeup for myself.

  • - I have two sisters who tortured me with makeup.

  • - I am doing Michelle Phan's Midnight Luster.

  • - I am doing 'How to look like a K-Pop Star'.

  • - I'm putting on makeup for a romantic date.

  • - I chose the wedding tutorial because, on my wedding day, my wife spent like hours doing her hair and makeup.

  • - This already looks extremely difficult.

  • - Lightweight brunette brown gel?

  • - There are so many brushes.

  • - [Voiceover] Do women actually own this much makeup?

  • 'Cause that's crazy.

  • - [Voiceover] Is concealer like a one size fits all?

  • - She's making her wider Vietnamese eyes look pointier like my Korean eyes.

  • - Like combing my eyebrows, never done that before.

  • - Yeah, yeah, this is too, too bright.

  • - Getting ready for a football game.

  • That's how I'm gonna make this gender-normative.

  • - This is basically exactly what Michelle Phan was doing.

  • - Do women spend this long on just the eyes or am I just dumb?

  • - You know what I'm so upset about, is that Eugene is going to be so good at this because he had sisters.

  • - As long as I'm prettier than Zach, I'll be okay.

  • - It's very possible that I've been using the wrong one the whole time.

  • - You apply the foundation normally.

  • That's not a descriptor.

  • - Next time a friend asks me to come with her to Sephora and I'm like really impatient and getting angry about how long it looks, I'm going to just shut the (beep) up like I get it now, I get it.

  • - Ahhh, I touched my eyeball with it!

  • - Oh, I just stabbed my eyeball.

  • - Poked myself in the eye.

  • - I don't know why my solution is to just make it bigger, but it is.

  • - Oh yeah! Instantly sexier.

  • - Beauty is pain, beauty is pain, beauty is pain...

  • - Whoa! I broke it.

  • - Eye torture complete.

  • Nope, I (beep) it up.

  • - I've seen videos online where girls chop off their eyelashes doing this.

  • - (yelling) Wasn't so bad.

  • (coughs)

  • - This isn't right, but it's something.

  • - Look at me now, Mom.

  • Everything you wanted.

  • - Here's your beauty shot.

  • - Do I like beautiful? Yes!

  • Did my wife look better on her wedding day?

  • Absolutely.

  • - I just look like a pretty guy, who could maybe make it in a K-pop band, that's okay with lipstick and eye glitter.

  • - I knew it was like, something that took an hour, I didn't think it was something that made you stressed for an hour.

  • - I just look like a confused glittery panda.

  • - I feel like I could practice this for years, and still be terrible at it.

  • (magical tinkling)

  • - Thanks, Michelle!

  • - Your hair's blocking, Eugene.

  • Your hair? Your h-- Eugene, your hair?

  • Your hair's in the-- Just don't wanna...

  • The hair again.

  • It's really, it's just that, I don't think you realize how small my head is, and how large your hair is?

- You guys are (beep) with me, though, right?


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