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- By the time we reach these, we're just like,
"This is the best!"
Which Country Drinks The Best Beer?
Vinepair.com recently released a map showcasing the most popular beer in each country
So we did a blind taste test to see which popular beer was the best
- This one smells like a fraternity floor.
- It smells a little fruity.
- Ooh I like that one.
- Very watery.
- This is fine.
It's kinda like, fruity.
- Has a little bit of a pineapple juice taste.
- This one, I kinda wanna just chug it
and then flip-cup it.
- Done and...
- [Man] Smells like apple juice.
- [Woman] Naw dude, smells like honey.
- Slightly darker. - Slightly darker.
Which is a sign of fanciness.
- Mmm. - Oh!
- Ooh! - Yeah, right?
- There's like, a sourness to it.
- Are we supposed to
swish it and spit it out?
- [Woman] This is scary beer!
Scary beer.
What is it?
(bleep) water. (laughing)
No! - I love dark beer!
- I don't like dark beer. - Shut up.
- That tastes like chocolate.
- It kinda tastes like bacon.
- Ooh, too coffee. - Yeah,
tastes a lot like coffee.
But it does the opposite thing.
- This is intriguing me.
- This is pretty good, it's a little heavy.
- Probably an oatmeal stout of some kind
or a chocolate stout. - I had oatmeal the other day.
And it looked nothing like this.
- [Woman] Smells kind of like chestnuts
or like walnuts or something.
- Smells like a men's bathroom.
- Ugh!
It looks like pee!
Why would you say that?
- This is a different flavor.
- I'd be down for this.
- This definitely tastes like a really old beer.
Like an ancient beer. - Is this a sea urchin beer?
- Oh it does taste kind of like the sea.
- Keep 'em comin'!
- [Man] Oh yeah!
- [Woman] This is college. - [Man] Yeah.
- This is concert beer. - Smells like a sticky floor.
- I'm smelling this and I'm getting good memories.
- It's a little bitter huh? - It's bitter.
- It's like beer pong beer. - This is like,
mistakes but ones you don't regret.
- The more you drink, the better it tastes.
- I know what this is.
This is a pilsner. - Smells like broth.
- This is from the Czech Republic.
I'm calling it now. - I really hope that
it's not a pilsner.
- [Man] Smells good. - [Woman] Smells fragrant.
- [Man] Yeah. - [Woman] Smells like,
smells fruity and flowery all at the same time.
- I don't know what this is.
It doesn't taste like any of the other beers.
- This one's probably my favorite so far.
- I know nothing.
But this seems to be a higher quality beer.
- The more I drink it, the more I like it.
- Yeah but that's probably 'cause you're getting drunk.
- This is a juicy beer.
- (laughing) Please don't describe anything
as juicy ever again. - Juicy.
- Ugh.
- [Man] This one smells like a baseball game.
They all kinda smell like... - They all
smell like baseball games. (laughing)
- Ooh, this one's Mexican for sure.
- This is... - Like when you know it'll
taste good with a lime,
it's generally Mexican beer. - Right.
- I like it, it's really refreshing.
Really nice. - This tastes like weed!
- I'm not mad at this one either.
- No - That smells like weed.
If you walked in and you smelled that
that would be marijuana.
- [Woman] Smells like cider. - [Man] Woah.
- [Woman] Cider, dude. - This is interesting.
This tastes a little like wine.
- It's a little bit stronger, you can tell.
- This one tastes like Dove soap.
- (laughing) He's right! - I really like
this one actually. - This is like, fruity.
- This is like an API. - IPA?
- Uh, AP...
Which beer was your favorite?
- India?
- You guys rock! - Dude, you guys are awesome!
- You guys have the best food and the best beer.
- Hey!
What up Peru.
- Here in Ireland we like bacon beer.
- Ahhh. - It's from India.
Indians, you know how to make your beer.
- Ooh, what up Peru.
- Oh! - Oh!
That's why I have the good memories.
(bleep) I love Corona. - That's the one we said,
feels like we went clubbing with that one.
- I did go clubbing with this one.
- Yeah, Argentina! - Is that the juicy one?
- Yours is Corona.
You thought it was a pilsner, right?
- Yeah. - It's not.
- It's as if something has impaired my judgement.
- India?
Way to go!
They have a lot of spices.
That was the more flavorful one.
- Ireland, I already knew Guinness.
Guinness, you're an old friend.
- I like beer. - It wins.
Thank you. - Yay beer!
Yay world, keep drinking, keep having fun
and be safe.
- I think Curly got the burps
- Sorry they stink.
Aww man I got a deep burp coming
- My burps always smell.
- Wait I wanna smell it, give it to the Lord.
Give it to the Lord.
- It always smells like salami.


全世界最受歡迎的啤酒滋味如何?來喝喝看吧! People Try Popular Beer From Around The World

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