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  • Is there a permanent way to get rid of my dark circles? Concealers and creams don’t

  • work for me. Hi, I have dark circles since I was born. Concealers and creams don’t

  • work for me. Is there a more permanent way to get rid of them? I am 26 years old. Thank

  • you in advance.

  • Thank you for your question. Youre 26 years old and youre asking is there a permanent

  • way to treat dark circles and you stated categorically that under eye creams and concealers don’t

  • work for you. So your frustration is something that is very common, we know this from the

  • retail world because there are so many creams that offer solutions for dark under eye circles.

  • I’ll share with you a little about my approach to dark circles under the eyes and over the

  • years weve actually had a lot of advances that actually are helpful, they may be helpful

  • to you.

  • So let’s start with just the genetics. Dark under eye circles – 20 years ago when I

  • started my practice and for many years when people came in with dark under eye circles

  • even as an oculofacial plastic surgeon, I didn’t really have that many options to

  • offer them. We would do things like glycolic acids and retinoids and things like that to

  • try to improve the skin quality but still we were limited. Around 2005 with the introduction

  • of hyaluronic acid fillers, we started to see some possible options even though they

  • weren’t initially used for dark circles under the eyes.

  • Move the clock forward, in my practice I analyze the dark circle situation in a couple of ways.

  • One is I first look at the anatomy, is there an opportunity to attribute some of the dark

  • circles to a relative hollowing. Now if that hollowing is a genetic hollowing or volumetric

  • loss from aging, it’s part of that decision making plan. Now if there is a volume loss,

  • we can actually use a hyaluronic acid filler like Restylane to augment or to restore some

  • volume under the skin at a level that’s closer to the bone and there we call the tear

  • trough. Now that of course has to be done very carefully and very meticulously, unfortunately

  • a lot of people don’t get the best results because we see them in consultation having

  • them done in elsewhere and they come in and we actually dissolve them with a material

  • called hyaluronidase. So that’s one option in determining what would be right for you.

  • Second option is we have been in a leadership position in the world of regenerative medicine.

  • We were using platelet rich plasma for a lot of things and this is a kind of extension

  • of what was already being done in orthopedic surgery and oral surgery. Platelet rich plasma

  • is derived from your own blood and what we do is we spin your blood and we concentrate

  • the platelets which are the critical cells for healing and the concentration of growth

  • factors. When platelet rich plasma is injected under the skin in the appropriate candidate

  • it improves skin quality, improves the blood supply, improves the collagen. So we find

  • that improving the thickness of the skin and the skin quality can also help under eye dark

  • circles.

  • So in terms of a permanent solution, I have to say that we really don’t have a procedure

  • that’s a one-time treatment that’s a permanent solution. For people with lighter skin type,

  • we also have other options including lasers but somebody with a darker skin type, lasers

  • are usually not an option because there’s a risk of hyper- or hypopigmentation. In other

  • words, too much pigment or loss of pigment neither of which looks aesthetically good.

  • So in our practice what we do especially with the procedure like platelet rich plasma, if

  • we follow our patients and every three to four months we re-evaluate. If the skin quality

  • looks improved and the patient is satisfied then we just basically wait and see how long

  • this particular treatment last for them. There are some patients who come in for PRP treatments

  • or platelet rich plasma treatments once a year, others come twice a year, others come

  • three to four times a year. It’s very individual, if there are confounding factors such as age

  • and environmental factors then we also customize.

  • I wouldn’t completely write off moisturizers as a solution because moisturizes do have

  • a role. They don’t completely resolve the problem but when things work in combination,

  • so for example I have a patient who benefits from hyaluronic acid injection, platelet rich

  • plasma and a good topical cream their under eye circles look a lot better and it’s also

  • in the context with the rest of the face.

  • If your under eye circles are really a genetic issue and since you are young and youre

  • 26 you may hit a wall as to the potential complete resolution of your issue. You may

  • have to change your definition of success to improvement rather than cure.

  • So I think it’s probably a good idea for you to meet with some doctors now that youve

  • learned more about these options you can actually ask more specific questions, look for examples

  • of before and after and see if it’s an option for you to give this a try.

  • Both hyaluronic acid and platelet rich plasma are not permanent solutions but in a way that’s

  • an advantage because unlike surgery it’s something that you don’t have to live with

  • forever. You can see how you can respond to it and then decide if you want to integrate

  • that as something in your lifestyle. Nobody wants to do that but if you don’t have other

  • options, it’s something you do. It’s like all other filler procedures, if everyone could

  • have just one definitive surgical procedure there would never be a role for fillers which

  • are temporary but they do provide a valuable asset in the augmentary little cosmetic surgeon.

  • So once again think of volume, skin quality, think topical moisturization. So I hope that

  • was helpful. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your question.

Is there a permanent way to get rid of my dark circles? Concealers and creams don’t


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利用富含血小板的血漿和玻尿酸填充物治療黑眼圈的方法。 (Under Eye Dark Circle Treatment Using Platelet-Rich Plasma and Hyaluronic Acid Fillers)

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