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The Easter Island Crisis
On Easter Island there once lived a people
who were content with life.
They were particularly proud of two things.
One of them was the fine canoes they were able to build.
They needed the canoes to catch porpoises
far out to sea
so that they could eat until they were satisfied.
The other thing they were proud of,
was the fine stone statues that they built to honour the gods.
With the aid of logs and ropes the statues were put in place.
They felled trees to clear land for cultivation
and for building houses,
so many trees had to be sacrificed on Easter Island.
But you cannot run out of trees, can you?
Time went on and the forest and the woods on Easter Island started to shrink.
The chieftains on the island became restless.
How could they build boats if there were no trees?
But an inhabitant said
that you can surely build boats from something else.
”But it is not just our fault”, said another one.
The other villages surely down more trees than we do.
A third said:
"if we stop building statues many will be unemployed
and the statues are our religion.
We must build higher. Higher than the other villages."
They continued to chop down trees
but built fewer canoes.
When many people starved to death
the Easter Island villagers understood
that food was more important than statues.
How could things go so wrong?
Let us do it again and do it right!
The statues are more important than the trees!
Surely you cannot take down more trees
than the number that grow in their place?
You ought to understand that the people
of the future need just as many trees as we do.
What egoists you are!
Are you not ashamed of yourselves?
Shape up!
You seem to lack concern
about future generations.
If only somebody had told them straight,
the Easter Island residents would have fared better.
Now we stand before a similar challenge.
The rich people in the world
have a life style that adversely effects the climate
and creates worse conditions for future generations.
So do what the Easter Island residents did not do.
Tell them off!
Fight for political decisions that are good
for the people of the future,
so that it turns out better this time.
Why not support the petition web site
Radikaliseraklimatpolitiken.nu for example?
And remember, the future generations are already thanking you for your effort!
The Story about the Easter Island
is adapted from the book Collapse by Jared Diamond.
This is a Swedish petition with the aim of influencing Swedish politicians.
Please act to influence politicians in your country to take decisions
that will decrease emissions in your country.


復活島的故事(動畫) (Krisen på Påskön ( The Easter Island Crisis))

969 分類 收藏
Tiffany Hsu 發佈於 2015 年 5 月 22 日
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