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  • I feel strangely connected to bikers.

  • Even if we don't know each other, even if we're from different areas...

  • Or even different countries, there remains

  • a connection. I love of two wheels

  • that we share. The images that I'm going to show you today are disturbing.

  • They've put me in a depressed state. But i cant...

  • run away from this. This is an issue

  • that we need to tackle, head on. Superbikes are

  • fast and everyone knows that. but they're also bought by the affluent

  • they can spend around a million rupees

  • on a motorcycle. Surely they can spend

  • a hundred thousand on riding gears. Just

  • 10 percent of the bike's cost. Even if you're riding a Duke 200

  • at ten to fifteen percent of your motorcycle's cost

  • you can get full protection and the same goes to our brothers riding

  • Honda CBR or Yamaha R15. Please consider this once

  • if you can spend a hundred and fifty thousand rupees

  • on a motorcycle, can't you spend at least

  • 15,000 on riding gear. This

  • is a matter of your life. The victim here

  • has his and completely protected but a helmet

  • is not enough. His body sustained severe injuries

  • killing him. Even the pillion rider is

  • dead. If you're watching,

  • Vow to wear complete riding gear.

  • Set the correct example for others to follow.

  • Telling other people to wear gear

  • has minimum impact when you,

  • yourself don't follow it. I've seen a fully geared rider

  • back-flip on a Duke 200 and

  • land face first but he was completely unhurt

  • and got up to win the Orange day race. Riding gear

  • can make a great difference. Every time

  • you step out on a bike it could be your last ride.

  • Always remember that.

  • One day we will

  • all ride together in the twisties of heavens.

  • But till then, make sure that we stay here

  • for as long as possible

  • Rest in peace...

  • Unknown biker. Let me know in the comments section

  • if you have ever lost a close one in an accident?

  • Thanks for watching and hopefully I'll see you very very soon...

I feel strangely connected to bikers.


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