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-Given that it's the entrepreneur, not the idea. You built a wonderful company and a fortune on yourself, right. -On people. Not ideas.
So what would your pitch have been?
To who?
To the sharks.
-Oh, if I was looking for funding for real estate brokerage firm? -Yes.
Wow, that's an interesting quesiton. I never was.
I had one guy who offered me $300,000 for 50% of my company, thank God he changed his mind, but that was a lucky break.
But what would I pitch.... as a young person started out? -Yes.
I'd probably say I don't do anything that the other brokerage firms don't do, but is a proven model.
People do brokerage for years, operating on that 5, 6% commission to make the money.
I'm really good at people.
I know how to spot people.
I can hire the right people and I'm really good at firing.
I get rid of the losers quicker than a wink.
-So I would say to you.... -I'm gonna give 50 million dolloars!
-No! Look at all of people who get the real estate license.
They've signed up. It's gonna be easy, I'm gonna sale some houses, get a commission.
What have you...why, how did you go and build this business?
Because I already knew at that point.
When I was 23, that I had 22 jobs and I felt that from quite a few of them.
I knew there was a lousy student and somehow maneged to survive.
I already knew that I, more than any other broker out there, was greater taking a hit and taking a rejection.
And what's the essence of world real estate brokerage or in any sales position? It's not how well you sell a talk.
It's really how well you can take a hit, and how long you take to feel sorry for yourself.
Now when you take the hit, and you come back from it.
Are you feeling the hit?
Of course you feel the hit.
So there's not....if you could get knocked back, that's not the problem?
Let me tell you something. The most passionate people, feel the hit the hardest.
They feel the hit the hardest because they cared more than the next guy.
And you wanna know? I have to tell you. My top salespeople at the brokerage group are earning 7,8 million dollars a year in my average income.
For typical salesperson is 48k~50k.
And I'm telling you, it didn't come down to context, it didn't come down even to how hard they work.
My worst workers. They often work the hardest.
They came down to something to prove and getting back up.
I'm telling you. That's it!
So "something to prove" is difference between "40 thousand~50 thousand dollars" and "7~8 million" a year?
Yes. Insecurity is a wonderful motivation.
I find at the Shark Tank when I can unravel something in a entrepreneur.
where that person has been injured, never had good guidance.
Everybody said this about of him, that about of him.
They had their shot and they took control of their own universe.
They were gonna prove that they could do something.
Nothing's better than that.


是什麼造就4萬美金 v.s 8百萬美金銷售額的差別?Barbara Corcoran explains the difference between those making $40K & those making $8M

5661 分類 收藏
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