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  • This place isn't mine, but I'm staying here for the weekend.


  • It's not a hotel and I'd never met my host before yesterday. So how did I end up here?


  • I booked it on Airbnb.

    我是透過 Airbnb 訂到這房子的。

  • Once I knew I was coming to the city, it took just a quick search on Airbnb to find what I was looking for: a clean, comfortable, affordable place to stay.

    我一知道要來這個城市,就在 Airbnb 上快速搜索,尋找我想要的房源,一個乾淨、舒適、價格符合我的預算的地方。

  • There's a wide variety of listings and searching is really easy.

    Airbnb 上面有各式各樣的房源,而且搜索起來非常方便。

  • Just enter your dates, and browse through pictures of available places.


  • It's free to list.

    在 Airbnb 上發佈房源完全免費。

  • So people all over the world are posting their places, making the possibilities endless.


  • Guillermo rents out his extra bedroom to help pay for rent and cat food.

    Guillermo 將空餘的臥室出租,從中獲得的收入可以用來支付租金以及貓糧費用。

  • Before you book anything you can read reviews left by previous guests.


  • And hear all about their experiences.


  • If you have any questions you can message the host directly through Airbnb.

    如果你有任何疑問,你可以直接通過 Airbnb 傳訊息給屋主。

  • When you're ready to book you just put in your request.


  • Airbnb holds on to your payment until 24 hours after you've checked in.

    Airbnb 會在你入住後的 24 小時內替你保管你的付款。

  • After your stay both guests and hosts can leave reviews for each other.


  • It's a great way to share your experiences with the community and to help everybody find the perfect fit.

    跟 Airbnb 社群上的用戶分享你的住宿體驗,並幫助每個人找到適合自己的房間。

  • You can stay a night a week or a month if you want at any price point.


  • You can stay in a private room in a place with other people or you can stay in a home by yourself.


  • These people are out of town for the weekend, so I get the whole place to myself.


  • When I'm outta town I put my place on Airbnb.

    如果我出門在外,我會把我的房子放在 Airbnb 上出租。

  • It helps me pay for my adventures and lets me treat myself to something special once in a while.


  • And with so many unique places available all over the world, why wouldn't?

    Airbnb 在世界各地有這麼多獨特的房源,我有什麼理由不試一試?

  • Plus I can book from anywhere.


  • Airbnb lets guest and hosts choose the experience they want.

    Airbnb 讓房客和房東選擇自己想要的住宿體驗。

  • And on top of it all, you're saving money.


  • And a great Airbnb experience is so effortless that the only thing left to worry about is where to go next.

    透過 Airbnb,你可以不費吹灰之力就獲得美好的住宿體驗,你唯一需要考慮的就是下一站該去哪旅行。

This place isn't mine, but I'm staying here for the weekend.


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