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  • Hey Allen, how are you doing today?

  • Bad

  • terrible...

  • I hurt my ankle playing basketball,

  • I got a bad grade on my geography test.

  • Everything just keeps going wrong.

  • Hey, don't get down, things are going to get better.

  • Nothing will help.

  • Well, okay then , I am going to leave.

  • You just keep feeling sorry for yourself.

  • Whatever...

  • Proverbs says,

  • “A bad attitude makes you feel even worse;

  • but a cheerful heart is good medicine.”

  • Hey Allen, how are you doing?

  • I’m okay. I had a hard week

  • but I am excited about a new start today.

  • That's great! I’m glad youre feeling better.

  • Hey, let’s go get a tea and study together.

  • Okay, that sounds fun!

  • Alright! Let's go!

Hey Allen, how are you doing today?


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慧眼識珠-一分鐘 箴言17:22 (WiseUp - One Minute Proverbs 17:22)

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