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  • from Eggsy

  • is a young man whose drifted over to the wrong side of the tracks

  • but this opportunity to compete for the Kingsmen secrets service

  • interested thing for anything to lose

  • he's from humble beginnings in his experience none of the finer things in

  • life and in all of a sudden he's kingsmen

  • are yes and his life is turned upside down

  • you are about to embark on the most dangerous job interview in the world

  • the

  • the

  • the

  • to go prepared to adapt and learn you can transform

  • looking good Eggsy feeling good

  • Merlin the

from Eggsy


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王牌特工》(Kingsman:王牌特工》特輯--遇見埃格西(2015)--邁克爾-凱恩電影高清版 (Kingsman: The Secret Service Featurette - Meet Eggsy (2015) - Michael Caine Movie HD)

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