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  • Direct language lab,

  • our mission is to provide language schools with course books

  • for teaching foreign languages using the direct method.

  • Our publishing house was established in 2008

  • as Direct English publishers offering language schools

  • modern course books for teaching English

  • using the direct method for English.

  • The method evolved with the evolution of methodology

  • and students' needs and expectations.

  • Thus, it is not only quick but also very successful

  • and it enables virtually anyone to achieve excellent results.

  • It focuses on listening and speaking.

  • Around eighty percent of each lesson

  • is oral work with the teacher which consists of

  • controlled dialog based on previously introduced

  • vocabulary and grammar items.

  • In Direct language lab course books

  • we use many questions in modern life language.

  • This facilitates students remembering and using it

  • in a wider range of contexts.

  • The knowledge of grammar rules appears with time.

  • The necessary notions are taught during lessons

  • and are practiced immediately through exercises.

  • From time to time,

  • there are grammar lessons completely

  • devoted to consolidating and explaining grammar.

  • The pre-planned system of repetitions

  • give students several opportunities to familiarize themselves

  • with each portion of the material,

  • starting from a revision at the beginning of each lesson,

  • through reading and grammar lessons,

  • to repetitions of larger portions before exams.

  • English designed using direct method course books

  • were developed with teachers

  • with over a decade of experience in teaching English.

  • Thanks to the method,

  • students may gain command of large volume of vocabulary

  • necessary for communicating in a foreign language

  • in an interesting and pleasant way.

  • Benefits of direct language lab course books included:

  • practical vocabulary,

  • questions in modern English,

  • friendly graphic design,

  • grammar and communication exercises,

  • MP3 discs,

  • our course books are constantly updated

  • and checked in terms of language and contact validity.

  • Join the group of satisfied users today.

Direct language lab,


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DME (Direct Method for English)直覺式英語學習法 (DME (Direct Method for English)直覺式英語學習法)

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