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competition is my mother-in-law brown like stone jumps in
played as well that is the weather
electrical and christina fizzle on them this is mad at the very best ball daewoo
in time the futuristic post apocalyptic in time
in world
where everyone stopped aging at twenty five
had not heard side
there is a perfect
twenty-five million gorgeous you have like justin timberlake amanda thackeray
you have kelly murphy you have a battle that while i don't know why i doubt that
a person like you play putting your hot direct your lives as they are alimony
the right hand that
and sentencing related is praying for a crime he didn't commit and he goes on
the run and inside bring becomes his reluctant partner in crime
comes when you peel
much happens
to just beasts
grounds of the system pop
all the time
between israel from
tonight a hundred years mckenna
consistent parties
it's difficult to find
this commenting about the power ridiculous that they have very stable of
various uses cast in place when he fired because they don't get it
bolivia while the is justin timberlake smother
then realized she is three years younger anything for them
which has to look twenty five right now they are supposed to be entropy
usa right right on for other hand said you like this
gopac highlighted in the beginning of the beginning and he really going at now
i will say i think the premises kinda silly
like the premises
or on the premises corbett but
you have to you have to really look a lot the there's a lot of suspension of
disbelief then requires you know that
that idea it's a complicated idea every stop staging a twenty-five and then
you've got a year later
but the time is transferable
this crime and so the economy is now based on and that's fine you have left
okay that's interesting it's it's i'd find it weird that the world would get
to that point as somebody who reads a lot of sci-fi like that it would get to
that point is cut-out wind is treated with but then in the first activity
i found that there was some really interesting explorations of that might
if you're poor you kind of run everywhere because you don't have the
time people are literally living day to day i thought that there was an
interesting stuff going on there and the transfer of times square this layout
raffle razak airtime yeah i thought that was kinda cool i thought that you know
that was so interesting things like
maybe a little bit later in the movie
e as justin timberlake snow in the high class section of town like they can spot
or some people conspired to speed does everything too fast and the character
you eat your fat you do everything to fast year you know
it's and it's almost as newell restrain if they get there
that they're doing but
i found that
as the movie progressed it just got to figure into fear what could probably a
sharp satire of the financial system
just get so
dont when it was then this is a flawed film i mean there's a lot of silliness
to it and and
uh... some of the
action to use as a kind of hokey there's a lot of dialogue lot of time pond so
many more enjoyable still hot
this is one of the most part dishes lee
left-wing movies i haven't got that hurts
seeing the idea that you use court made a movie that is in our account
redistribution of wealth and about how people originally was released
stole it
from the working class is i think do you do not remarks to look at his money and
say that it is is like
it's alex socialist propaganda and i think there is an estimate on one of the
ways that gives me early on in the film is that when the characters
said find out said
the system is built to keep people poor basically already paraphrase and for
some people any moral other people have the died of the runs the risk to take
the time of the difference here is that we have a look at what i mean these are
really bold
although political statements from hollywood meeting and this is subject
this is like a great deny echoing times where on the villain
whose headquarters is the fee eight million godaddy or the star and he said
this is our winning capitalism yeah
and he's really proud of that idea and it makes no apologies but the problem i
have with this being a socialist over several circle of life you want to get
some massive rock in that
if that's what it's trying to do
the difference here is that in the world that they set up is that if you go broke
you drop dead
and so this movie is a lot of different bowman talking about these clinton
his you know not to get too much in the politics but
the film makers also seem to be saying is that not having any money you might
as well the debt
no i think that it is not having money you are dead because you
can't feed yourself and you can't you know get medical care and you can't
take care of your you can't live as long as people who have money do because they
have on tax also doctors in other so it's not that it's not that money equals
something to look for that that that uh... having access to money equals
being able to live lauren holly hunter and i don't have much aren't happy with
the stopper is really thrilled to go with justin timberlake antibody to his
client right because she lives in this case
leaves alright because they didn't get the currency isn't something they can be
put in a vault what you're literally carrying it on your arm
the ritual of the surrounded by bodyguards all the time he was innocent
women integral from uh... so yeah they obviously lead the shop resistance and
the other mother not saying it was a great to be rich in vitamin or like
armored car shelter in the cupboard alive on the with mortality do nothing
with me i'm not sure that that's
entirely accurate because i think people who have a lot of money played
they call it a good life for a reason but i have never has been delayed in in
this movie my time as with money in real life does not trickle-down but now they
have a live these lives forever the you know that the whole and you can even
intended to get into a whole nother forgot how
the people who say that if you cut taxes on the wealthy they're gonna create jobs
now you cut taxes on wealthy and they're going to keep their money in swiss bank
account and all of the touches
and i'm not going to a damn thing welfare and i think you know that
discussion we're having here is more intelligent than actually what goes on
passed the biggest problem is that this movie like i said i i i thought
is a missed opportunity it could've been a much sharper sapphire
about the state of the economy and some people's view of that
and it just kinda turns itself into this action movie
and what political points it makes are kinda little to him fisted but
definitely failed and i feel like it doesn't really make them very well feel
like they're kinda unrealistic unical
already record as he did get cash here in restroom in show
and made as a compromise he had to make great retaken his point across
based on how to be crowd-pleasing accessible and unit as the source
propaganda and you're right that in their nasa has to be several several
extras and running on disney's beauty
wrapped in the middle of the of
you know it will be reviewed filled with all your father pesos and dot but i
think the sort of retro-futurism well you know cars a really cool did make me
think of debt at a time
lifelike at the same kind of
a similar production designer identified the connection also uh... roger deakin
shoplifting gloria this is a great last week and then so it's really really
april between shut all over l_a_
but i thought well i just feel that way i won't even longer forty years after
congressman tributes centuries to use the old elocution earlier race i think
we need to get maybe he didn't like the
the design we kind of industrial seattle's downtown l_a_ they also get
late in cleaning up high rises and
would be able to tell are inside for dissolves all got to look like in a win
for discussion dot you can have it on the roads where we got to know people
press beautifully great status if he was doing unity or what happened that in
mind classic party got it
i still am we are we on the side of the numbers on them kills a six-point affect
at and i was happy about it before i find it and six-and-a-half high it to
your knowledge of your screen foot ever get something uh...
that it's beautiful sponsored the cool idea that they'd be in the ground like
once you realize has no right to go into a field day repetitive since it's not
for me
our total is six point one
as much lower than that industrial world in the thirties alexandra they decide
lasting yesterday which end of the openness to market
hindrance from last iranian sale
not of the experts it's not a role but it's just it it's also a test
it's not something like that again that you're gonna be thinking about years
later uh... i think that this is the man doesn't all work but i think there's
some cool ideas and acting apple flat of that


時間規劃局In Time - Movie Review

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Annie 發佈於 2013 年 4 月 14 日
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