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  • Whatsup Guys,


  • Apple announced their new products at their yearly special event. In this video i'm going

    Apple 剛在他們的年度盛會中發表了新的產品。接下來影片中我將介紹

  • to give you 5 things you didn't know about the Apple Watch.

    5個不為人知的 Apple Watch秘密

  • One of the biggest questions was about the battery and I think Apple did a really good


  • job with a one day use, or 18 hours on a typical day. Of course this isn't much compared to


  • the Pebble Time Watch with 3 days of battery life.

    Pebble Time Watch 的3天使用時間相比

  • But what you didn't know is that the Apple Watch can be fully recharged within 2,5 hours

    但沒人知道,38mm 的 Apple Watch只需2.5小時即可完全充飽

  • on the 38mm watch. Of course the 42 mm model should have a little bit more battery and charge time.

    42mm 的版本需要多點充電時間 (但都是Pebble Time Watch無法企及的)

  • Next: The Apple Watch Sport doesn't have Sapphire Glass but Ion-X glass, which is a lot stronger

    再來,Apple Watch 運動系列沒有使用藍寶石水晶,而是鋁矽酸鹽玻璃。一種比一般玻璃強度高很多

  • than normal glass but not as strong as Sapphire. Only the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition

    但不及藍寶石的材質。只有Apple Watch 和Apple Watch Edition

  • have Sapphire Glass.


  • On to fact 3,


  • You can choose which apps you want to get notifications from. So unlike Pebble or other

    你可以選擇哪些App可以送通知給你,不像Pebble 或其他

  • smartwatches where you would get all notifications. Just choose the ones that you use the most.


  • That's nice!


  • Next, the Apple Watch is said to have 4 GB of storage and you can install up to 200 apps.

    再來,Apple Watch宣稱搭載4GB的儲存空間,可安裝高達200個app

  • These isn't confirmed yet but the rumours weren't wrong so far. Apple allows you to


  • manage all your apps settings on a special Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

    Apple Watch app 也可方便你管理錶上所有的app

  • And last but not least. If your watch is close to your iphone it can


  • also be used for payment with Apple Pay, using the NFC chip in your iPhone 6 or 6 plus. Just

    使用Apple Pay付款,利用iPhone6 或6 Plus 上的NFC晶片

  • press twice on the digital crown, wave your watch in front of the scanner and your payment


  • is done. When your iPhone isn't close or you give your watch to someone else, Apple Pay

    完成了。但如果你的手機不在身邊,或是你借給別人了,Apple Pay

  • will be blocked.


  • So that was it. I think these things are really important to understand before buying an Apple Watch.

    大概是這樣。我認為在買Apple Watch 前了解這些很重要

  • If you know something else that didn't make it into te list. Please write it in the


  • comments below. I'm really curious.


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  • for more video's on the Apple Watch.

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  • I'm Mike from iTechriot and I'll see you guys in the next one.

    我是iTechriot 的Mike, 下個影片再見

  • Peace!


Whatsup Guys,



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Apple Watch。5件你不知道的事! (Apple Watch: 5 Things you did NOT know!)

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