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Do you need more room back there?
Girl, no. I'm fine.
The Big Perks of Being Short.
People like to talk about the negatives of being short.
Like not being able to see past people.
Having a different weather pattern.
Hey, how's the weather down there?
You're like the perfect height for my arm. So perfect.
And being mistaken for a child.
Hi, are your parents home?
Cool, real cute guys, very cute.
But now it's time to cut the small talk, pun intended, and talk about the perks.
Is, uh, Quinta anywhere?
First off, we're the ideal spoon size.
Cuddling is a breeze and no one gets hurt.
It's also super easy for bae to kiss you on your forehead.
It's right there, even when you're wearing heels.
Shopping's awesome because your size is usually available.
But even if it isn't, there's always the kids' section.
I ain't ashamed.
Remember how we talked about not being able to see over people before?
Well, it's okay because people can see over you.
And they'll always let you in front of the crowd.
- Excuse me, guys. - Oh yeah, please, right this way.
- I'm so sorry. - Oh, thank you.
Which also comes in handy when you're taking pictures.
Uh, let's get the short people in the front.
- Ready guys? - Okay, awesome.
And here's something, never underestimate the power of going under somebody's legs.
Mm mm, mm mm.
Quinta, you can't always do that.
Yes, I can! Boom!
And don't forget, you're boss at limbo.
Don't let anybody take that from you.
Basically, you win at life
So embrace your shortness and share it with the world.
That's one more thing that makes you special.
Quinta, how you doing?
Hey, what's up Patrick?
How are you doing?
Did you think that little girl was me Patrick?
I'm so done with you. You're just ridiculous, you know that? So done.



小矮人舉手!來看看我們身材嬌小的優勢 (9 Perks Of Being Short)

39155 分類 收藏
Precious Annie Liao 發佈於 2016 年 4 月 19 日    Madeline Liu 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核
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