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  • -(man) All right, thanks for coming out, everybody.

  • I'm really excited that all you guys are here.

  • We got a really exciting mission

  • that we're going to be doing today.

  • We're gonna be freezing in place

  • on cue at the exact second.

  • We're gonna hold that for five minutes,

  • and then we're gonna unfreeze and we're out.

  • -You see that guy over there?

  • -They stopped what they were doing and just stood like... frozen.

  • -How long has this been happening? -I don't know.

  • -I just walked in. Has it been going on for a while?

  • -No, 'cause this guy just dropped his papers

  • a couple minutes ago.

  • About a minute ago. Not even.

  • -Dad, look at that lady over here.

  • -It's like everybody. -Yeah.

  • [horn beeping]

  • -(man into radio) Can't move my cart.

  • There's hundreds of people frozen everywhere.

  • This is wild.

  • -(man) This is so weird.

  • -I don't understand what's going on. -I don't either.

  • -(man) I think it's some kind of protest, probably.

  • -(man) It's either that or an acting class.

  • -(man into radio) No, they are not moving.

  • I can't move my cart. I need some help.

  • Uh, never mind. They're moving.

  • [applause]

  • -That is the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

  • I thought it was only me who was seeing it for a little while.

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-(man) All right, thanks for coming out, everybody.


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A2 初級

冰凍大環線 (Frozen Grand Central)

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