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- You should not make sure
the lighting is very bright.
- (laughing) So.
- Because I am already so old.
You cut out part that make me look old, okay?
- I came from Vietnam, but my parent came from China.
- I'm originally from Philippines,
but I live in San Diego.
I am from the, the France.
- But you're originally from Korea.
Originally Korea.
- This is the 4th time we've done this.
- Yes, I'm not good at camera.
- Kane, take my picture, I look so pretty.
I'm a, I do, I do modeling.
Do I look cute today?
Do I look cute, do you like this?
- (laughing) Yes.
- Is it cute, do you like my new ring, is it cute?
- My mom can turn any situation or conversation
into a compliment about herself.
President Obama did something, she'd be like,
Yeah, he's very, very organized like your mother.
- See, model.
- Yes, you are smart.
Like, your mom (laughing).
- Ring, ring, ring.
- Hello?
- Hi, Eugene.
- Oh wait, do I say hi?
- You're me. - Oh.
- So you're calling me.
- Kane, did you eat yet?
- Are you okay?
Are you eating?
- Yes, yes, I am busy, - Are you going to exercise?
- I am busy, I have to go.
- No, okay, okay. - I have to go now.
- Mom, it's okay. - Do you need any money?
- Yes, always, always.
Send me anything, mom.
- Did you take my fish oil I buy for you from Costco?
- Omega 3. - Omega 3.
It's fish oil, it's good for you.
- She turns to my stepdad and be like,
Igor, he's always so busy.
- Mom, did you Facebook my friend?
Oh my God, oh mom!
- Oh, why you give me all the, you know,
the pimple, it's a, genetic, from you.
- Oh, when he go home,
Mom, I'm hungry, I am tired.
Have some food?
- You act like a baby around me.
- Yeah, we do each other. - Okay, thank you, yeah.
- Like your mom.
- I go, Mom, are you (bleep) kidding me?
- Oy, Ashley, do not use, cut, can you cut that?
I don't want that.
- Why you drive so fast?
Drive slower.
- My mom is a sexist and she's always like,
Must be a woman, must be a woman driving.
- You have to buy new car.
Eugene, when was last checkup?
Eugene, why is your car so dirty?
- The people over there, watch the people.
- And she's like, must be an Asian woman driving.
And I'm like, are you kidding me?
- You don't even want me to drive.
I think that's my theory. - Mmm.
- What? (laughing) - So.
- Very American, he talks too much.
- Sometime he walk funny.
Alway play hip hop song.
- In a restaurant or whatever
yes, that would, that would really be great,
if, yes, appreciate that.
- Oh, my white people voice. - Yeah.
- You talk too much. - No, you talk too much.
My job is to talk.
- He alway want to eat burrito.
- We say I love you a lot, that's not a weird,
it's never weird. - No.
- She'll ask like, did you forget to say something?
And usually I'm with like a lot of friends.
- Eugene, you know
(together) I love you so much.
Your mom loves you more than anybody in the world.
- 'Kay, say bye bye.
What you say more?
Love mom, like that.
- I love you, mom.
- (laughing together) Oh, we say the same...
- [Eugene] Everything I do is a lot like how she acts too.
- [Min-Young] Except talk to much.
- [Eugene] Except I talk to much.
And I take off my clothes.
- [Min-Young] Many see him now.
- Do you dislike that I take my clothes off for videos?
- No comment.



太寫實啦!看亞洲父母跟小孩模仿對方是什麼樣子 (Asian Moms And Their Kids Imitate Each Other)

26285 分類 收藏
吳壹零 發佈於 2016 年 10 月 30 日    Sih Jing 翻譯    Mandy Lin 審核
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