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In this American English pronunciation video, we're going to go over the pronunciation of
the word 'pronunciation'.
This week's Word of the Week is 'pronunciation'. 'Pronunciation' is a noun, and sometimes people
will mix up the pronunciation between this and the verb 'pronounce'. Pronounce, pronun-.
So the second syllable should have the UH vowel and not the OW diphthong. It's a five-syllable
word with a secondary stress on the second syllable and primary stress on the fourth
syllable. Pro-nun-ci-a-tion. Pronunciation.
It begins with the PR consonant cluster, so the lips are together, pr-, and the tongue
is in position for the R, pr-, pr-, pronun-. We have the schwa in that first, unstressed
syllable. Then the next syllable, with secondary stress, we have the N consonant sound. So
the tongue will lift, and touch the roof of the mouth here, pronun-. Then we have the
UH as in BUTTER sound. Everything is relaxed. The tongue isn't engaged, the lips aren't
engaged. The jaw drops a bit. Pronun-, pronun-. To finish the syllable, the tongue comes back
up to the roof of the mouth for another N. Pronun-. Then we have another unstressed syllable:
-si-, -si-, -si-. The S consonant sound and the EE as in SHE vowel. Pronunci-, pronunci-.
Now we have the primarily stressed syllable: pronuncia-. It has the AY as in SAY diphthong.
The jaw does need to drop a good bit for that sound. Pronunciation. Then we have the SH,
schwa, N unstressed final syllable. -tion, -tion. It will be very fast. -tion, -tion.
And you don't need to worry about making a separate schwa sound. The N takes over the
schwa sound a bit. -tion, -tion. Pronunciation. Pronunciation.
Your pronunciation is very good.
That's it, your Word of the Week. Try it out yourself. Make up a sentence with the
word, record it, and post it as a video response to this video on YouTube. I can't wait to
watch it.
That's it, and thanks so much for using Rachel's English.


發音 (How to Pronounce PRONUNCIATION in American English)

1302 分類 收藏
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