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  • The Little Red Hen

  • Once upon a time there was a little red hen.

  • One day the little red hen decided to grow some wheat.

  • First, she went to the other farmyard animals to ask for help.

  • "Who will help me to plant my wheat?"

  • asked the little red hen.

  • "Oh I'm not feeling very well,"

  • said the pig. But he didn't look sick.

  • "I'm very busy,"

  • said the duck,

  • but he wasn't really.

  • Then I shall plant the wheat myself,

  • said the little red hen,

  • and so she did.

  • Each day the wheat grew a little bit bigger and soon the wheat was fully grown

  • "Now I must harvest the wheat,"

  • said the little red hen.

  • The little red hen returned to the farmyard and asked the other animals

  • "Who will help me take my wheat to the mill?"

  • "Can't you see I'm playing in the mud?" asked the pig.

  • "Can't you see I'm having a swim?"

  • asked the duck.

  • The little red hen sighed,

  • and she carried all of the wheat to the mill on her own.

  • It was very tiring work.

  • The miller ground the wheat into flour.

  • The miller's wife saw how tired the little red hen was and she baked the flour into bread.

  • The little red hen thanked the miller and his wife by sharing her bread with them.

  • Once again, the little red again returned to the farmyard.

  • "Who will help me eat my bread?"

  • asked the little red hen.

  • The duck and the pig were very excited.

  • "I will!"

  • said the duck.

  • "I will!"

  • said the pig."

  • "NO! You will not,"

  • said the little red hen,

  • and she ate the bread herself.

The Little Red Hen


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小紅雞 (The Little Red Hen)

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