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So... did you see the new trailer?
Yes! I watched it like a thousand times!
Pretty awesome! Right?
Awesome is not even enough to describe.
Yeah I know
I mean with the music and the voice over...
And the original light saber!
And when Han and Chewie came out...
I teared up.
you're not talking about...
Super-Tears-Man! That was me.
Such a great trailer!
I'm not talking about the Star Wars trailer!
Why not? Are you talking about Jurassic World?
I'm talking about our trailer!
Oh yeah... I saw it.
So what'd you think?
I think you were trying to sound like Ultron.
I am not!
You totally are with that robot voice!
There's nothing wrong with my robot voice!
I mean you might as well have said...
I'm going to tear you apart from the inside!
I asked, "Do you bleed?" That's totally different.
Whatever. Well the answer is yes...
Because everyone saw me bleed in Superman 2.
Did you not notice that?
Oh I noticed.
But now I'm gonna make you bleed.
So now it's like...
Whoa! Look out!
Oh well I hope that makes you feel better.
Oh it will.
Because you know what you really should be hoping for?
What's that?
That Han and Chewy actually make it through the first act of episode 7
They'd never kill Han!
Well I hope you're right!
Because I have a bad feeling about this.
You're a bad feelings about this!
What does that even mean?
It means I'm always right... Because I..
Because you're batman!
Don't interrupt my catch phrase!
Well maybe you shouldn't make your catchphrase so easy to see coming!
Well maybe you should watch your back.
Or else what?
Or else I'll make a bunch of gadgets, and teach you a lesson!
Well that sounds like I'll learn something, and become better than I was in the first place!
Oh You Will!
Well thanks for making me more amazing!
I hate you so much right now!
The star wars trailer is better dude!
We are gonna fight...
I am SO gonna fight you!
Why because you're batman?
Because I'm Better than you!
Dude, I will hug you to your grave!
No you wont!
Yes I will! We are FRIENDS!
No we aren't! You're too dangerous!
You've got to be stopped!
Stop me from saving people??
Okay detective! That makes perfect sense!
We're done here! From here on out, it's on!
It's on?!
Oh It's ON! Because I..
Because you're batman?!?
Because I'm Batman!
Okay but can we still have coffee? Because I enjoy our little talks.
Oh absolutely! Sure! That's fine.


Super Cafe: Batman v Superman - It's On!

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許允迪 發佈於 2015 年 4 月 24 日    Yvonne 翻譯    Grace Chen 審核
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