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I've got a new EWOD for you guys today from Skills Language Academy here in Taiwan.
Once again, my name is Kevin. Today's EWOD is pretty easy, we're talking about "this/that/these/those"
and when to use them. Pretty easy stuff.
First of all, they break down pretty much into two categories, singular and plural.
First of all, what is singular and plural? Singular is just a fancy word for saying "one".
Plural is just a fancy word for saying "2 or more".
So this is the difference between"a book" or "1 book" and "2 books" or "3 book" or "4 books".
So when do we use "this" and when do we use "that"?
"This" is going to be for singular.
The word "this" is used for singular when something is close to us.
I have a ball right here, if this ball is close to me, so I'm going to say "this ball".
But if it's far away, now I say "that ball".
Ok, so for things that are far away and there is only one of them, we use "that".
Alright, now let's talk about "these" and "those".
Kind of the same thing but now "these"and "those" are going to be for plural objects.
So I have two balls now. Because they are close to me, I'm gonna use "these".
I'm gonna say "these balls". But again if they are far away, I'm going to say "those balls".
So once again, if it's close and I have two, I say "these".
If they're far away, I say "those balls".
So that's pretty much it for the EWOD - "this/that/these/those".
Just remember singular and near use "this",
singular and far use "that",
plural and near use "these"
and plural and far use "those".
Alright, now for your homework, in the comments below, I want you to make one sentence
using"this", one sentence using "that", one sentence using "these", and one sentence using "those".
So that will be 4 sentences total.
That's it for today's EWOD. Thanks for watching, I'll catch you next time.


this / that / these / those的用法 (EWOD#9 - this / that / these / those (Demonstrative Pronouns/Adjectives))

10353 分類 收藏
南一 發佈於 2015 年 4 月 24 日    Evie 翻譯    Ann 審核
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