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I'm legit nervous right now.
Yo, sir....sir.
I just want to be a helping hand today.
God bless.
God bless. I'm just trying to help out.
I don't need your f***ing money, you asshole.
I can f***ing buy you.
In today's society, it's socially acceptable for the wealthy to give money to the homeless.
Is it acceptable because it's one individual helping another?
Or because one individual is better than the other, so it's ok to help?
Today I want to flip the script and see what happens.
"No one has ever become poor from giving."

I don't have any money, man.
No, I...I don't need your money. I'm trying to give you money.
I don't need your money, man.
I'm just trying to help out today. Here you go.
Does it look like I need your money? F*** out of here.
Wait, wait, sir.
I'm just trying to help you out today. I don't need help.
Mate, piss off yeah.
I know you're in a rush.
Oh, I don't have any cash.
No, I'm not trying to ask for cash.
I'm trying to give you cash.
No! Keep it!
You need it!
Look, I'm broke as it is, and the way for me to feel rich in this world is by giving what I can. So here you go.
No! Don't do that! Get yourself breakfast.
I want to lend a helping hand.
You know what? I....
I have a few dollars.
Why don't you take more?
And make me feel rich for the day?
Thank you! Have a good day! Go get breakfast!
Excuse me?
I'm gonna give this back to you, but I want to thank you so much for that.
You're on camera right now.
I just want to thank you.
I'm not trying to see who would give me money or who would not.
But I'm just showing the only thing they have in this world is to give to others, so...
thank you so much for that kind act.
God bless.
God bless you!
I don't have any money, though.
OK, well, here.
Here. Buy yourself something nice today.
Are you trying to be funny?
Are you kidding me?
Man, I wish I could help you out, bro. I got some...water or some....
How about I help you out today?
Looks like you need it, so...
You wanna give me money, man?
F*** you, prick!
You're gonna take my money then call me a prick?
Sir, sir.
What's this?
My sign says "No one has ever come poor by giving." and I have all that I need in life.
So I want to give back. God bless.
-That 10 bucks is all you have and you wanna give it to me? -Yeah. God bless.
-Are you sure? -Yeah! Have a good day.
You know what? I have all I need, too. So...
What I have in my pocket is...
You're gonna give me that?
Yeah, all that, man.
Just because that message, man. So positive.
Thank you, man.
Should I offer to his meter?

Before you pay your meter....
Oh, no. I'm good, man. Thank you.
No, but look what my sign says,
"No one has ever gone poor by giving." and I just want to give back to you.
Oh, OK. Well...let me give you something.
You see that? That's a Benz.
You gotta earn your way out, pal.
That was the most pretentious thing I've heard today. And I've been doing this all day.
Thank you!
C-class, baby!
C-class. Nice, bro.
Yo but how much money you got in your heart? Sounds like you're pretty broke.
It's all good, man. It's a black card.
-OK. -It's a black card!
-OK. That's nice, bro.
-I'm good, homie. -That's nice.
It doesn't matter how much money you have, it doesn't matter what car you drive.
It matters how humble you are in your heart, and you're not really humble, saying all that.
This is L.A., baby!
Alright have a good one, bro.
This is L.A.!
Keep, keep walking.
Kepp walking!
Keep walking?
Christian keep recording this bullshit.
Keep walking?
Keep walking. Wassup?
Keep walking. Wassup? That's C-class.
That's so nice, bro! How much did you pay for that?
About $50'000.
Ohhh you got money, bro! Congratulations!
Dude, you need to humble yourself, man. Life isn't about money, bro.
I'm not even a freakin homeless.
I don't care what kind of car you drive, I don't care if you have a black card.
Dog, just keep moving, honestly .You don't wanna... so just keep walking. Have a good day.
Alright. I'll remember you.
Oh remember me, bro.
Listen, you're not gonna do shit to me, so just keep walking.
Says who?
Just keep walking, bro.
Says who?
Have a good day.
-Alright. Keep that 10 bucks. -Have a good day.
Have a good day.
Ruined my whole freakin mood.
We're done with this video. Let's go.



社會實驗:當今天施捨你錢的是遊民,你會怎麼反應?WHAT IF THE HOMELESS GAVE YOU MONEY?

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